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Tools for research

LibX | Addison opensearch plugins | Database search plugins | EndNote | Endnote Web | Library bookmarkets

Here is a list of tools to help you with library research, including searching Addison and databases, off campus access to resources, and managing citations of works for your research projects.


LibX Virginia Tech edition

lib x

LibX Virginia Tech Edition is a browser extension that provides direct access to Virginia Tech Library resources. It features:

  • Toolbar and right-click context menu access to search tools
  • Support for off-campus access via Off Campus Sign In
  • Quick full text access to journal articles
  • Support for embedded cues on sites like Amazon and Google Scholar
  • Support for xISBN

Addison open-search browser plugins 

Add these search plugins to your browser for quick access to several types of searches in Addison, including keyword, title, and author searches.

Database search plugins 

Many databases provide search plugins for your browser to enable quick searching of their contents. Some of these do not work with Off Campus Sign In; you will need to connect to the campus VPN to enable searching from off campus.


EndNote at Virginia Tech

EndNote is a software product that allows researchers to save and organize results of database searches or lists of bibliographic references. There are several similar products (ProCite, Reference Manager, RefWorks, WriteNote, Zotero, and Bookends) that provide the same functionality, but the university has a site license for EndNote only. A web-based product called EndNote Web is also available.

EndNote Web

From the Web of Knowledge portal, you can click on the register for more features link, create an account using your Virginia Tech email address, and then Sign in to access EndNote Web from the portal. If you have previously established an account at the Web of Knowledge portal, you can access EndNote Web without taking any additional steps. Alternatively, go directly to the EndNote Web site and Sign Up for an account. You must use your Virginia Tech email address when you register.


What is a Bookmarklet?

A "Bookmarklet" is a script or short program that that can be installed on your web browser's Bookmarks Toolbar or in your bookmarks/favorites list. If you can't see this toolbar go to your browser's menus and make sure to View->Toolbars->Bookmarks Toolbar is selected if you are using Netscape, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. If you are using Internet Explorer make sure View->Toolbars->Links is selected.

E-Journal Lookup (IE E-Journal Lookup: Internet Explorer version)

Addison Title Lookup (IE Addison Lookup: Internet Explorer version)

VT Proxy  

DOI Lookup ( IE DOI Lookup: Internet Explorer version)

ISBN Lookup

Multiple ISBN Lookup