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Cancelled requests

Interlibrary Loan makes every effort to obtain materials requested by patrons, however, occasionally there are times when a request will be cancelled.

Below are the cancellation reasons you will see on your request and the notification email sent to you.

  • Available - ...branch location.. = Item is currently available in a collection at one of the on-campus libraries.  These include Newman Library, Current Periodicals, Microforms, Reserve, Reference, Circulation Desk, and Special Collections.  Other items may be located at the Art + Architecture Library, the Veterinary Medicine Library, and the Storage facility. Each have different borrowing periods for their materials.
  • Textbook = Due to the short-length of loan periods and the number of requests for the same title, Interlibrary Loan does not request books currently assigned as a class textbook.
  • Other = A variety of miscellaneous reasons fall into this category. Additional explanations will be included in the email from ILLiad.
  • This is a duplicate request = You have submitted more than one request for the same item.
  • Not owned by any library = We cannot find any library that reports owning the requested item.
  • This item is Non-Circulating = The library (or libraries) that owns this item will not lend it. If you only need a specific article or chapter from a book or other print materials, please submit an chapter request from your ILLiad account.
  • Too New for an Interlibrary Loan = Some libraries will not lend recently published books.
  • Unable to verify your request as cited = We cannot identify the item you requested. The citation you provided may have the incorrect author, title, volume number, year, or pages. With incorrect or incomplete information, it is not possible to obtain the item. If you locate additional information, please email Interlibrary Loan about the request.
  • We have Exhausted all Possible Sources = Although some libraries report owning the requested item, none of these libraries could supply the item. There are no other library sources from which we can obtain the material. For media and newly published popular fiction, we attempt to obtain the loan from 25 lending libraries before canceling a request.
  • Cancelled by Customer = You canceled your request.

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