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Cancelled requests

The most common reason for canceling a request is that the item requested is available in the University Libraries. A quick search in Addison, the library's online catalog, will determine if the item is owned by Virginia Tech. For additionally assistance, you can consult a reference librarian about the availability of an item you need. Interlibrary Loan has the discretion to cancel requests for items that have been requested by the same patron previously. 

If ILL cancels your request, an email stating the reason for cancellation will be sent to you. Below are the most common cancellation reasons.

  • Available - Newman Stacks = The item is on the shelves in Newman Library, and can be requested using Request It! through your Addison account.
  • Available - Newman Current Periodicals = The item is on the current periodical shelves, located on the fourth floor in Newman Library.
  • Available - Newman Microforms = The item is located in Newman Library's Microforms Collection, located on the first floor of Newman Library. Equipment to view these materials is also available on the first floor.
  • Available - Newman Reserve = The item is on reserve on reserve in Newman Library.
  • Available - Newman Reference = The item is available in one of Newman Library's reference areas.
  • Available - Newman Media = The item is available for in the media collection, and is available for checkout at the Newman Library Circulation Desk.
  • Available - Vet Med Library = The item is located in the Veterinary Medicine Library.
  • Available - Art/Arch Library = The item is located in the Art + Architecture Library.
  • Available – Storage = The item is shelved in the library's off-campus storage facility. To obtain the item, retrieve the item record in Addison. Select the green checkmark labeled Request Item icon at the top of the Addison web page.
  • Available - Internet Full Text = The item is available on the Internet. Some titles are freely available to anyone, while others can be accessed only on the Virginia Tech campus network. (See the Extended campus users page for more information about off-campus access.) The web address for the item you requested is included in the email from ILLiad.
  • Available - Ejournal = The item is available in an electronic journal accessible through the Journal Title Database. Some titles are freely available to anyone, while others can be accessed only from a Virginia Tech IP address. (See the Extended campus users page for more information about off-campus access.)
  • Available as Electronic Resource (e.g. ebook) = ILL does not request materials, including ebooks, that are owned by University Libraries.
  • Cancelled by Customer = You canceled your request.
  • Cannot obtain item by your deadline = You specified a date after which you could not use the requested item. We are unable to obtain the item within your time limit. Please see our Time Required page for information on the time it takes to get an interlibrary loan.
  • Checked Out = The item is owned by the library but is checked out to another user. You can recall the item for your use using the Request button in Addison.
  • Not owned by any library = We cannot find any library that reports owning the requested item. Our primary location finder is the OCLC WorldCat database with more than 57,000 participating libraries.
  • Other = A variety of miscellaneous reasons fall into this category. Additional explanations will be included in the email from ILLiad.
  • Owned by Special Collections = The item is located in the Special Collections Department of Newman Library. Special Collections items must be used in their Reading Room on the first floor of Newman Library.
  • This is a duplicate request = Multiple clicks on the submit button in ILLiad may cause your request to be submitted more than once.
  • This item is Non-Circulating = The library (or libraries) that owns this item will not lend it. If you only need copies of a few pages from an item, you should resubmit your request as a photocopy request for those specific pages.
  • Too New for an Interlibrary Loan = Most libraries will not lend recently published books, or journal articles may not yet be available.
  • Unable to Borrow Dissertation = Usually the only copy of any particular dissertation or thesis is located at the school where the author submitted the work. Many schools will not lend dissertations or theses. Please see ILLiad's Dissertations and Theses page for more information.
  • Unable to verify your request as cited = We cannot identify the item you requested. The citation you provided may have the incorrect author, title, volume number, year, or pages. With incorrect or incomplete information, it is not possible to obtain the item from possible. You may be able to find a correct citation for the item you need by doing a literature search. Please consult a reference librarian or your college librarian for assistance.
  • We cannot obtain this article due to copyright restrictions = The university has reached the maximum allowable article requests for this journal title for this calendar year. You can suggest the Library purchase journal titles using the Suggest a Purchase form.
  • We have Exhausted all Possible Sources = Although some libraries report owning the requested item, none of these libraries could or would supply the item. There are no other library sources from which we can obtain the item. For media and newly published popular fiction, we attempt to obtain the loan from 25 lending libraries before canceling a request.

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