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Explanation of ILLiad statuses

ILLiad uses various statuses to track requests and control work flow. These statuses, listed below, may be used to pinpoint the exact location of an item at any given time. Please note that these statuses reflect the actions of the requesting customer as well as those of the ILL staff.

  • At Bindery = The item is owned by University Libraries but is at the bindery. For Extended Campus Users, we will process the request as soon as the item is available.
  • Awaiting ALA Processing =  The item is owned by a library that does not participate in the OCLC ILL system. We will process this item using the standard ALA (American Library Association) paper request form and send the request via fax to the potential lender.
  • Awaiting Branch Processing = The item is located at one of our branch libraries.  For Extended Campus Users, we have requested the item from the branch library, and will process the request as soon as the item is delivered to us.
  • Awaiting Conditional Processing = A lending library has "conditionalized" our request for this item, and they have sent us a message asking us to clarify our borrowing request for the item, or they have asked us whether we are willing to comply with special conditions (high cost, restricted use, etc.) before they will lend the item.
  • Awaiting Copyright Clearance = The article request must be reviewed to determine if any copyright fees need to be paid, which if required, are paid by the library, not the requesting customer.
  • Awaiting Customer Contact = The requested item has arrived and is being processed by the ILL staff, but we have not yet sent notification of the arrival.
  • Awaiting DD Circulation Recall = An item owned by the University Libraries is currently checked out. For Extended Campus Users, we have recalled the item and will process the request as soon as the item is returned.
  • Awaiting DD Distant Customer Processing = Item will be retrieved from the library shelves and processed for shipping to an Extended Campus User.
  • Awaiting Doc Provider Processing = It has been determined that copyright fees must be paid for the article, and the only method available to obtain the item is through a commercial document provider.
  • Awaiting Document Delivery Processing = Item will be retrieved from the library shelves and processed for shipping to an Extended Campus User.
  • Awaiting Email Response =  We have emailed you about the request, usually a question about the citation, and we are waiting for your response.
  • Awaiting Extensive Searching = After not locating a source during the initial search, more extensive searching will be done using standard bibliographic sources to try to identify the item and any possible sources.
  • Awaiting Other Request Processing = The requested item requires special handling before it can be requested from another library. Notes attached to the request should have a further explanation.
  • Awaiting Post Receipt Processing = The requested item has been received in ILL, but has not yet been processed for delivery.
  • Awaiting Request Processing = The request has been submitted by the customer, and is ready to be searched and requested from potential lenders.
  • Awaiting Return Label Printing = The item has been returned to the ILL office by the customer. It is currently awaiting processing to be returned to the lending library.
  • Awaiting Unfilled Processing = The request for this item was not filled by any of the possible lending libraries that we have tried so far. We will try to identify additional libraries that may be able to lend the material.
  • Cancelled By Customer = The customer cancelled this request and no longer requires the requested item.
  • Cancelled By ILL Staff = The request has been cancelled by the ILL staff. You can learn the reason for the cancellation by logging on to your ILLiad account.  Select the "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" button to view the detailed information for the cancellation.
    • Note: If one of your requests is cancelled by the ILL staff, ILLiad will immediately send you an email message explaining why the item was cancelled.
  • Checked Out to Customer = The requested ILL item has been checked out by the customer or by one of his/her proxies. Until the item's status is changed to "Item Checked In", the customer is responsible for the item.
  • Customer Notified via email = The requested item has arrived and been processed by the ILL staff.  An automatic email notification was sent to the customer.
  • Customer Notified via Phone = The requested item has arrived and been processed by the ILL staff.  ILL staff notified the customer via telephone of the arrival.
  • Delivered to Web = The requested article has arrived, and has been posted to the customer's ILLiad page, where it may be viewed and/or downloaded electronically using Adobe Reader.
  • In DD Stacks Searching = This item requested by an extended campus customer and owned by University Libraries is being searched for in the Newman Library book stacks. Item is being searched for in Newman Library, and will be processed for shipping to an Extended Campus User.
  • Incorrect Item Received and Returned = The item received from the lender that does not match the item requested, and it was returned to the lender. The original item will be re-requested.
  • Item Checked In = The borrowed item has been checked in, and is ready for return processing.
  • Item Returned = The item has been returned to the lender.
  • Long Overdue = The borrowed item has not been returned by the borrower. A problem concerning the return is being resolved. This status prevents ILLiad from sending additional overdue notices and blocking the requester's ILLiad account.
  • Received Incorrect/Partial Item = An item was received that either does not match the item that was requested or is incomplete. ILL staff will determine the quickest means to correct this.
  • Request Finished = The entire request process has been completed successfully. Requests with this status are archived under the "View Request History" option on your ILLiad account.
    • Note: Cancelled requests are not at "Request Finished" status and thus do not display under "View Request History". Cancelled requests may be found under the "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" button.
  • Request Held Until...= This status is used to hold a request for later processing. This is used mostly in December when Interlibrary Loan services are suspended over the holidays. Requests are held until they can be processed in January of the following year. This status may also be used to hold difficult requests until we receive more information.
  • Request In Processing = The request is currently being processed.
  • Request Sent = The request has been sent to possible lending libraries, and we are waiting for the item to be shipped by a lender.
  • Submitted by Customer = The request was submitted by the customer and is awaiting processing by the ILL staff.

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