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Library instruction facilities usage policy

  1. Scheduling of the facility will be maintained electronically, using Outlook Exchange, by the Classroom Manager. Each week a copy of the schedule will be posted on the doors of each room.
  2. Reservation for these facilities will be made through an online form. No reservation will be considered completed until a confirmation note has been sent to the person requesting the reservation. Assignment of space will be made after considering availability of space, hardware and software requirements, class size and instructor preference, in that order. Academic classes can meet a maximum of five times per semester in library instruction facilities.
  3. In order to maximize usage of the facilities, reassignment of space may occasionally be necessary, but only when at least three business days notice can be given to the affected classes.
  4. During the first six weeks of classes, classes taught by library personnel will have the highest priority when scheduled at least three business days in advance. These high priority classes can override previously scheduled classes reserved by non-library personnel.
  5. Unless otherwise noted at the time the reservation is made, instructors will be responsible for the classroom facilities and equipment for the duration of their reservation. No food or drink is allowed in the classrooms.
  6. The Classroom Manager should be contacted at least five days before a scheduled class whenever hardware or software beyond the standard setup is required. The standard setup for each facility can be found online. Anyone requesting additional software be installed in an instruction facility may be required to provide installation media and proof of appropriate licensing.
  7. Since it is the intent of University Libraries to take maximum advantage of these computing resources, it is preferred that meetings be held in instruction facilities as a last resort. Meetings should be held, when possible, in more appropriate facilities, such the library boardroom.

Usage Guidelines

  1. All classrooms can be opened using the punch locks. Passcodes are given out when reservations are confirmed. The person making the reservation is responsible for communicating these codes to the instructor.
  2. Please do not keep your class over the time you have scheduled unless you have determined that there is no class following yours. If necessary, allow yourself extra time by booking the classroom for an extra 1/2 hour at the beginning or end of your time.
  3. Please cancel unneeded classroom reservations as rapidly as possible so that other classes may be scheduled if necessary.
  4. Students should NEVER be left unsupervised. These are classrooms, not computer labs, and an instructor must be present and is responsible for equipment at all times.
  5. When leaving the classroom, please:
    • Quit all programs and applications, but do NOT turn off the computers
    • Restart any computers that have crashed
    • Turn off all projection equipment, microphone, lights, and fans
    • Report any malfunctioning equipment to classroom management personnel.
    • Close and lock all doors
  6. For problems requiring immediate attention please contact classroom personnel at 231-3975. Please notify classroom management personnel of any technical problems so that they may be corrected.

Newman Library tour options

Self-guided audio tour

Our primary tour option for individuals is a self-guided, audio tour with a graded quiz that can be used to show attendance for classes that require participation or give extra credit. Locations and services are highlighted, and the tour takes about an hour. You can use your mobile device or check out an iPad from the Circulation Desk.