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SCALE UP classroom

The SCALE UP classroom, located in 100S Newman Library, is a new kind of classroom. It has seating for 72 students, in groups of nine at each of the eight tables. Each table has its own 70" flat-panel display (making eight total). 

This is not a classroom for lecture-style instruction, but it specifically designed for group work and hands-on assignments and activities. There is no instructor's lectern. There is no central place from which to lecture a class, nor a main screen to project onto. There are also no computers set up in the classroom, instead relying on the instructor and students to bring their own laptops to class. If laptops are needed, there are Windows 8 touchscreen laptops that can be setup in the room, with advanced notice. These are stored in the room's locked closet along with a Samsung document projector.

SCALE UP is a collaboration between the College of Science and the library, and so instruction is also split between the CoS and the library. The room is accessed via Hokie Passport for faculty and staff at any time, and is available for students to use as a study space between 7pm - 7am weekdays, and all day on weekends.

Instructors can contact Classroom Management staff to determine when other classes are not scheduled and find time to test software. Classroom Management staff can also demonstrate the operation of the classroom A/V system. These preparations will lessen the chances of problems or surprises during the actual class.

There is a small instructor's shelf on which to sit a laptop, and next to this is the control panel for the A/V system. To use the A/V system requires a code, that will be sent to the instructor via email when the room is scheduled. The A/V system in this room can present the following:

  • Instructor's or student's laptop (or both, depending on what is needed) - The A/V system is designed to allow students at a table to connect to one or all monitors in the room. Which computer is showing on which monitor is determined by the settings on the wall-mounted control panel.
  • A Samsung document camera (stored in the room's closet) - Used to show books or documents to a class.

SCALE UP information

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