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Torgersen classroom

    Torgerson 3310

The Torgersen Library classroom, located in  3310 Torgersen, offers 22 student stations and one instructor station: Apple iMacs (21") that can dual-boot into Mac OS X and Windows 7. This classroom can be reserved online. Instructors will want to note the Library Classrooms Policy. Each desk can accommodate only one student, so this classroom will comfortably fit 22 students.

We strongly suggest that instructors make arrangements to test software and sample files (particularly if they are not part of the standard setup) prior to the class. The security settings on these computers will not allow the installation of software. Instructors can contact Classroom Management staff to determine when other classes are not scheduled and find time to test software. Classroom Management staff can also demonstrate the operation of the classroom projector and sound system. These preparations will lessen the chances of problems or surprises during the actual class.

The A/V system in this room can display the following:

  • Instructor's iMac
  • Campus cable - standard cable channels and satellite programming arranged through Communication Network Services.
  • Elmo document camera - To show books or documents over the system to a classroom.
  • iPad/iPhone - using AirPlay through an Apple TV unit, you can stream anything from your Apple iOS device to the screen.

The following software is installed as part of the standard setup for this classroom. Instructors who require additional software or sample files will need to give at least ten working days notice to Classroom Management staff to allow time for installation and testing.

  • Internet Explorer 10.x
  • Firefox 15.x
  • MS Office 2010 (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Acrobat Reader 10.x
  • Endnote X7