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Mission statement and philosophy

Mission statement

The Research and Instructional Services (RIS) Department is dedicated to enhancing the educational, research, and service missions of the University by providing support to Virginia Tech faculty, students, and staff and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia through excellence in instruction, reference assistance and information access.

-- adopted November 2003

Reference Services Philosophy

The staff of the Research and Instructional Services Department are committed to provide knowledgeable, timely, courteous, and non-judgmental reference assistance to all library patrons, regardless of the nature of the inquiry or the means of communication (in person, telephone, online through chat or email, written correspondence). All questions will be treated confidentially and respectfully. Where appropriate, questions may be referred to other persons or units within the library. The Reference Services Philosophy follows the precepts outlined in the American Library Association's Code of Ethics.

-- adopted February 2007

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Newman Library tour options

Self-guided audio tour

Our primary tour option for individuals is a self-guided, audio tour with a graded quiz that can be used to show attendance for classes that require participation or give extra credit. Locations and services are highlighted, and the tour takes about an hour. You can use your mobile device or check out an iPad from the Circulation Desk.