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A publication in any medium issued in successive parts, appearing at intervals, usually regular ones, and, as a rule, intended to be continued indefinitely. The term includes periodicals, newspapers, annuals, numbered monographic series, and the proceedings, transactions, or memoirs of societies.

  • Scholarly journals contain articles on research and development, news, proceedings, or transactions in a particular subject area. Scholarly journals are primarily written for academicians and researchers. Most of them are subject-specific and refereed or peer reviewed; some are inter-disciplinary. Examples of scholarly journals are: Scientific American, Natural History, Journal of Animal Science, Scientia Horticulturae
  • Magazines contain news stories or articles on a variety of subjects and are written for a general audience. Examples of magazines are:Time, Life, Outdoor Life
  • Trade journals provide news and information written for professionals within a particular business or industry. Typically they include a great deal of advertising. The authors of articles in this type of journal are frequently professionals writing for each other. Examples of trade journals are: Feedstuffs
  • Newspapers may be issued daily, weekly, or semiweekly. They contain news, opinions, advertisements, and other items of current, often local, interest. Examples of newspapers are: The Roanoke Times, The Washington Post.



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