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Virginia Tech honor systems

  • Consequences of plagiarism

    • Undergraduate/Graduate Honor System
    • Professional embarrassment
    • Student work
    • Lawsuits
  • Myths of plagiarism

    • Internet is public domain
    • Everyone does it
    • They said it better
  • Traps of common knowledge

    • What is it?
    • What it is not - other people's thoughts and research
    • What is common knowledge to you may not be common knowledge to me - know your audienceMore likely facts than theories
    • Examples
    • Outside resources
  • Types of plagiarism

    • Direct copy
    • Plagiarism by paraphrasing
      • Paraphrasing practice
  • Ways to avoid plagiarism

    • Research journal
    • Keep track of what you are doing at every stage 
    • Be aware that links to the article may be session links not permanent links
    • Citation style guides
    • Consult with your professors