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Newman Library tour options

Library tours can be scheduled for classes or groups, or individuals can take a self-guided tour anytime we're open

Self-guided tours

The easiest way to tour the library is through our self-guided iPad tour. The tour is accompanied by a quiz if you need to record attendance for classes or receive extra credit. Contact Kayla McNabb if you need a copy of your quiz grade sent to an instructor.

To start the tour, check out one of the tour iPads from the Circulation Desk and open up the tour app. The tour will lead you through the library, stopping at 6 different information points to tell you about our services and collections.

You will need a set of headphones or earbuds to listen to the tour. If you don't have any with you, just ask the Circulation Desk to borrow a set.

Class or group tours

Contact Kayla McNabb to schedule a class or special group tour. We can arrange a complete tour (50 minute class period) or an abbreviated tour followed by a brief introduction to online resources. A short quiz to show proof of attendance can also be provided.

Branch library tours

Please contact our branch libraries staff for tours at those locations.

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