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July 2011

  • July 1, 2011: Movie suggestions (library suggestion box)

    Please buy these movies on DVD.
    Way of the gun
    The Jerk
    Nightmare on Elm Street

    We will buy The Jerk, but the other two movies are more appropriate for, and may be found at the local public library. Thank you for your suggestions.

    Jennifer Nardine, Instruction and Outreach Librarian
    Paul Metz, Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects

  • July 2, 2011: Secure connection pop up for my library record (online comment box)

    When I go to log in at:  I get the irritating box question do I want a secure connection.  I don't care, but I get tired of having to click YES or NO each time I go to a new page.  How do I get away from the https: pages so I don't waste so much time??  Thx

    Connecting to My Library Record requires a secure connections (https)--there is no other method. Once you have logged in, all future searches and record pages should be served the same way. There should be no switching back to the unsecured method until you log out. If you are seeing repeated warnings, I think that's an issue with your browser. Perhaps a security setting is configured too high?

    What browser and version are you using? I can test and see if I can figure out what's going on.
    Robert Sebek
    Webmaster, Virginia Tech Libraries

  • July 6, 2011: Repository for data (online comment box)

    I would like to setup a repository to publish data sets while allowing people to cite them using a DOI. Do you have any idea where I could get help with that? Thanks.

    DLA [Digital Library & Archives] would gladly host your data.We are in the process of establishing a formal university repository using the DSpace software, which can manage various file formats. We will be using the Handle System to establish and maintain unique and persistent URLs (rather than DOIs).

    DLA is working hard to have a sample repository by mid-August but we hope to have something for the library to preview before then.

    Gail McMillan
    Director, Digital Library and Archives

  • July 7, 2011: Lack of stepstools in stacks (online comment box)

    I would love to see more step-stools in the stacks to reach books on the top shelves.  I often have to wander around in order to successfully find a stool when I need one.  Today I had to steal a chair from a desk -- which was not a particularly safe choice, but the only one available since there were no stools anywhere reasonable close to where I was searching.

    Thank you so much for your comment.  If you could provide us the area in which you were searching, we will be happy to distribute some stools in that general call number range.  We are concerned about your safety and want to encourage you to seek assistance when the proper tools are not at your disposal to retrieve an item.  As you have noted, a chair is not a safe choice and we do not wish to endanger you or any of our patrons.

    Charla Lancaster
    Director of Assessment and Library Access Services

  • July 14, 2011: Missing tapestry (library suggestion box)

    There is a plaque on the wall to the right of the Greenberry's coffee bar, near the stairwell on the first floor, that states a Flemish tapestry that was donated to the Library should be hanging there. Where is it, and why is it not hanging where it should be?

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The tapestry was taken down during the recent renovation of the Special Collections area, and stored in Special Collections for safe keeping. We will attempt to have it re hung  next to the plaque as soon as possible.

    Buddy Litchfield
    VA Tech Libraries

  • July 14, 2011: Cafe summer hours too short (library suggestion box)

    Make the Cafe stay open longer. 3 pm is when I need my coffee, smoothy, and frozen yogurt.

    Thank you for your patronage of the cafe on the first floor of the Library. We are sorry that the shortened summer hours have inconvenienced you. The Cafe will be going back to it's longer regular hours when school starts again in August.

    Buddy Litchfield
    VA Tech Libraries

  • July 25, 2011: 5th floor computer issues (library suggestion box)

    I wanted to bring to your notice that public PC 502 is not working. More specifically I should say the Internet is not working on that workstation.

    Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. I have reported the problem to our Systems group, and they state that it is a network problem. They will report it to CNS for resolution.

    Buddy Litchfield
    VA Tech Libraries

  • July 26, 2011: Renewal question (online comment box)

    I thought I have 7 (seven) renewals. Yet my latest renewal request after 4 was rejected. What is wrong?

    Good Morning!

    We have recently changed the number of renewals and the length of those renewals.  We attempted to send an email out an individual email to any faculty, staff, and graduate student who currently had items checked out as well as made a general announcement in VTNEWS about the change.  I do apologize that we did not get this information to you.

    The following announcement was made:

    Extension of loan periods for library books

    On July 1st, University Libraries will be extending the loan periods of books for faculty, staff, and graduate students.  Faculty and staff will now be able checked out books for one year with up to three renewals.  Graduate students will now have a six month loan term on books with up to three renewals.  Faculty, staff, and graduate student can check out up to 150 items.  

    Unfortunately the new loan rules are not automatically applied to your existing check outs.  We have worked hard to come up with a solution that will assist everyone with this transition.

    What you need to do:

    If you are affected by these new rules you will receive an email notification of the items you currently have checked out.  If you wish to renew the materials under the new loan rules, you must:

    1. Send an email message to
    2. Verify your holdings in the email
    3. Ask for the materials to be switched to the new loan period

    If you do not wish to switch your materials to the new loan rules, your items will be due as listed on your “My Library” account at

    If you are a faculty member and currently holding 10 or more items and do not wish to verify your holdings via email, please call the library circulation desk at 231-6340.   We can schedule an appointment to come to your office and inventory your items to be placed under the new loan rule.


    Please know that if an item has been recalled or placed on hold for another patron, transfers to the new loan rule cannot occur.  This change in policy is for books only.

    Let me know if there is anything further I can do for you and I hope this clarifies the renewal problem.  We'll be happy to help solve the renewal issue, so just speak with the circulation staff to switch over to the new loan rules and further extend your borrowing privileges.

    Charla Lancaster
    Director of Assessment and Library Access Services

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