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Faculty appointment guidelines

Recruitment procedures

Job Descriptions

At the time of a vacancy, the job description is reviewed by the supervisor. New job descriptions may be brought to Library Advisory Council for discussion to insure that all areas of the library affected by the position are aware of the changes.

Designation of Position

At the time an incumbent notifies the Dean of intent to vacate a position, or at the time a vacancy occurs due to a transfer, the Dean will determine how that vacancy is to be handled. Position advertisements are developed in the Dean's Office and are based upon the job description. The advertisement is reviewed by the department head before it is submitted for publication.

Administrative Transfers

Administrative transfers may be made at the discretion of the Dean with the department head serving in an advisory capacity.

Permanent Positions

All permanent positions will be advertised nationally and filled according to the Faculty Procedures Handbook prepared by the EO/AA Office and the University Libraries Faculty Appointment Guidelines.

Temporary Positions

Temporary positions occur under various circumstances, such as: (1) the incumbent takes a leave of absence; or (2) the library administration decides a vacated permanent position needs to be filled immediately; or (3) a position is created to fill a temporary need.

Temporary positions need not be nationally advertised. The selection of temporary appointments will be made by the Dean and the appropriate department head after the candidates have met with the staff in the department.

Individuals in temporary appointments will be informed in writing at the time of the appointment when the appointment will end. At the end of the term of appointment they will be informed about what will become of the position; for example, the position may be advertised and competitive at the end of the specified time period, or the job may end when the incumbent returns from a leave of absence. An extension of a temporary position beyond the initially stated time period must be approved by the EO/AA office.

Temporary positions at the level of department head or above may be filled through internal transfer and designated, for example, interim department head.

Search committees


A new search committee will be formed for each advertised faculty position. When a search committee is to be formed, the Dean notifies the LFA and LSA presidents. The executive board of the Library Faculty Association will submit names to the Dean who will appoint members to the search committee. The Library Staff Association President will also submit names and the Dean will select one person from the classified staff to serve on the search committee. The chair of the committee will normally be the head of the department in which the vacancy exists. The Dean does not serve on search committees.

Each search committee for positions below the level of department head will normally consist of one or more librarians from the department in which the vacancy exists, one classified staff from the department in which the vacancy exists, and one or more librarians from a department other than the one in which the vacancy exists. Members selected to serve on search committees should have professional experience or job responsibilities that are relevant to the vacant position. In cases where the department head and the Dean determine it is appropriate, a faculty member from the university community may be asked to serve on the search committee. The Dean will consult with the search committee chair regarding appropriate committee members from the university community.

Search committees for positions at or above the department head level will consist of at least one department head; the remaining membership will be similar to that for positions below the department head level.

Department heads and immediate supervisors should be consulted before classified staff are appointed to search committees. The number of members and makeup of members on search committees may vary.

Role of the Department Head and immediate supervisor(s)

The department head in whose department the vacancy exists will submit job descriptions to the Dean's Office. The job description will form the basis for developing the position advertisement. The department head will normally chair the search committee.

Role of the Personnel Office

The responsibilities of the Personnel Office include: placing job advertisements; making job applications available to committee members; maintaining search files; assisting with arrangements for interviews; insuring that EO/AA guidelines and the Library Faculty Appointment Guidelines are followed; and making copies of the vitae of finalists available to library faculty and staff before interviews.

Role of the Library Faculty Association Executive Board

At the request of the Dean, the LFA president will convene the LFA Executive Board to select names to submit to the Dean for appointment to the search committee. Names will be selected to fulfill the criteria outlined in the "Composition" section of this document. In considering the membership of search committees, the board will rotate committee service among all librarians and at the same time, select those librarians with experience or knowledge in the area of the vacancy.

Role of the Chair

The Chair schedules meetings of the search committee and leads the committee in their responsibilities, which include: reviewing candidate files according to a timely schedule; contacting references; soliciting input about the candidates from library faculty and staff and forwarding committee recommendations to the Dean. The Chair works with Library Personnel to make arrangements for interviews, and keeps a record of the committee proceedings to be turned over to the Personnel Office when the search is concluded.

Role of the Search Committee

The responsibilities of the search committee members include: actively participating in committee meetings; reviewing the applications; recommending candidates to be interviewed; participating in the interviews of the candidates; and recommending qualified candidates for the position advertised. All deliberations of the search committee are confidential. The search committee is advisory to the Dean.

Role of the Promotion and Continued Appointment Committee

The P&CA Committee serves in an advisory capacity on matters of faculty appointment. As stated in the University Libraries' Procedures on Promotion and Continued Appointment: "The P & CA Committee remains in office for an entire year, and is convened whenever a new faculty appointment is to be made. The committee recommends a suitable rank for new appointees based on the criteria for promotion and continued appointment."

Role of the Dean

The Dean makes the final decisions about designating the level of the position (e.g., entry level or advanced); whether positions are permanent, temporary, transfers, or administrative transfers; appoints members of the search committee from among the recommendations of the LFA and LSA Executive Boards; approves the candidates to be interviewed; interviews the candidates; and, with advice from the committee, selects the successful candidate. The Dean decides when a position needs to be re-advertised.

Appendix A

Contents of a search file

Each search for a library faculty position conducted for the University Libraries should be documented. The archival file should contain the following items:

Personnel Services Responsibilities

Personnel Services will be responsible for maintaining the following documentation:

  1. Copy of the Faculty Search Authorization/Position Establishment
  2. Hiring Activity Record
  3. List of candidates applying for position
  4. List of candidates interviewed for position
  5. Copy of position ad
  6. Places and dates ad appeared
  7. Letters and resumes of applicants for position
  8. List of search committee members

Search Committee Chair

The Search Committee Chair will be responsible for maintaining and completing the following documentation once a search has been completed. This documentation should be turned over to Personnel Service within two weeks after the search is concluded.

  1. Committee documentation from Chair
    1. Minutes from committee meetings
      Summary of what takes place at each meeting answering the four basic "W" questions: (Who, What, When, Where)
    2. Describe/list major decisions made at each committee meeting
    3. Any interview criteria developed by the committee such as interview questions (attach copies)
    4. Copies of any correspondence between committee and candidate(s)
    5. Summary or decision reports
      1. Number of candidates in application pool
      2. Number of candidates interviewed
      3. Person position offered
      4. Rationale for hiring person offered the position
  2. Copies of approved travel form


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