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Top 20 checked out DVDs

April 28, 2008 – Newman Library has a collection of over a thousand DVDs, including educational as well as popular titles. Here are the top 20 circulating DVDs since July 2007:

1. Jazz

Call number: DVD 44

book jacket

2. Amélie from Montmartre

Call number: DVD 348

book jacket

3. Seinfeld. Vol. 5, Season 6

Call number: DVD 600

book jacket

4. Seinfeld. Vol. 2, Season 3

Call number: DVD 415

book jacket

5. Seinfeld. Vol. 4, Season 5

Call number: DVD 599

book jacket

6. Pride and prejudice

Call number: DVD 441

book jacket

7. Casino Royale

Call number: DVD 1326

book jacket

8. The complete Monty Python's flying circus

Call number: DVD 1439

book jacket

9. Fahrenheit 9/11

Call number: DVD 194

book jacket

10. The departed

Call number: DVD 1259

book jacket

11. Dr. Strangelove, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Call number: DVD 633

book jacket

12. An inconvenient truth

Call number: DVD 1106

book jacket

13. Babel

Call number: DVD 1357

book jacket

14. Planet Earth. The complete series

Call number: DVD 1339

book jacket

15. Moulin Rouge!

Call number: DVD 428

book jacket

16. Blood diamond

Call number: DVD 1394

book jacket

17. A history of Britain : the complete collection

Call number: DVD 853

book jacket

18. Gone with the wind

Call number: DVD 329

book jacket

19. Fight club

Call number: DVD 69

book jacket

20. Memoirs of a geisha

Call number: DVD 736

You can search for DVDs in Addison using the Advanced Search screen. Select DVD as your format and include either a movie genre, actor, director or studio name in the search box, or type ** to see all DVDs.


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