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Introducing a new Addison

Aug. 7, 2008 – Addison, the library catalog, has a new look today, along with several new features. You may need to clear your browser's cache (or refresh the screen a couple of times) to ensure you have the latest versions of Addison's files. Your feedback on these changes is greatly appreciated.

The new appearance in Addison followings the university's branding initiative. By following the university's look and navigation options, we hope both to make the catalog more consistent with other university web sites and to simplify moving around in the catalog. Similar changes will be made to the library's websites over the course of this academic year.

Improvements and new features include:

Rewritten and streamlines set of help screens.
Additional sections on commonly asked about functions, more screenshots and examples, reduction in library jargon and other clearer language should make these help files more useful.
Improved keyword highlighting
Previous to the upgrade, keyword search terms were colored red on search result pages to highlight why each result was returned. The red coloring often interfered with link coloring and other formatting that was confusing for users. Now terms are highlighted with yellow, like using a highlighter in a book. Link colors and other formatting is retained.
Improved search limits
Whether using the Advanced Search screen or applying limits after a search using the Modify Search or Apply Limits/Sort buttons, limiting options have been changed to more closely reflect actual options in the catalog. For example, the list of languages on the Advanced Search screen has been shortened to reflect the most commonly used languages in this system. The complete set of languages used in the system can be found on the Search Help for advanced keyword searching, and on the new limit/sort pages.
Improved Modify Search screen
After performing a search, Addison offers a button to modify that search, by applying a different sort or by limiting the search results with additional search terms, or by limiting by date, format, or language. Previous to the upgrade, these screens would often lose earlier applied modify options. Now these options should be retained. For instance, if you searched and limited to items in Chinese, clicking the Modify Search button should select Chinese from the language list automatically.
Another Search pages fixed
After performing any of the search types (author, title, keyword, etc.), Addison offers a button to perform another search of the same type. These screens have been completely rewritten to ensure that previously applied limit/sort options are removed so that an entirely new search is performed.
My Library Record changes
Information on My Library Record pages, including a list of checked out books, fines and requests, has been streamlined and reformatted to be clearer and easier to use. Additional icons, such as a link to ILLiad, are now available. Since books checked out through ILLiad are not part of the Addison catalog, they do not appear in the My Library Record screens. This was confusing to some users, so a link to the ILLiad login screen, where you can see your ILLiad checked out items, is now available.
External Links
A box labeled "External Links" now appears on bibliographic record screens. This box contains links to websites outside of the Addison catalog. Book covers link to additional information about the book, including table of contents, author notes and book reviews. Cite This Item connects to OCLC's Open WorldCat and displays citations to the item in five major citation styles. Other links provide information about authors and other people, reviews,  and journal information. These external links will be individually detailed in future news postings.
LibraryThing for Libraries
We are currently running a trial of LibraryThing for Libraries (LTFL). LTFL provides additional means for connecting to other books in Addison. Up to three "widgets" can appear on book records: Other editions/translations, Suggested Books for LibraryThing Users, and User Tags. Please see the help screen linked above for more information on these widgets. Feedback on these widgets will help determine if the libraries should purchase this enhancement.

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