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Addison now features spell check

Aug. 31, 2008 – Addison, the library catalog, now suggests alternate spellings when your keyword search terms find no matches.

If you enter a word on a keyword search screen that does not match any record in the catalog, the system will suggest an alternate spelling. An additional click will show a popup menu with several more alternates to choose from. We have three dictionaries installed: American English, British English, and a medical dictionary.

Note that the system can suggest an alternate spelling that is also not part of any catalog record. In these cases, you'll get the usual No Results Found screen and the chance to search again. Some catalog records include misspelled words-- often on purpose because the original item uses the misspelled (or archaic) form.

Use of the wildcard characters (? question mark, * asterisk, ** double asterisks) can be very helpful when you are unsure of an exact spelling, or when you want to find multiple variants, such as color and colour.

For more assistance in using Addison, use Ask a Librarian or contact your college librarian.