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Top 20 checked out CDs

May 14, 2009 –

Newman Library has a collection of over a thousand music CDs, including classical, jazz, and rock music. We also have a number of foreign language instruction CDs from Pimsleur. Here are the top 20 circulating CDs since July 2008:

  1. Abbey Road / the Beatles.
  2. The Beatles.
  3. Please please me / the Beatles.
  4. Rubber soul / the Beatles.
  5. All things must pass / George Harrison.
  6. Spanish I.
  7. With the Beatles.
  8. Revolver / The Beatles.
  9. Wish you were here / Pink Floyd.
  10. The Beatles 1962-1966.
  11. Miles Davis & John Coltrane : the complete Columbia recordings 1955-1961.
  12. The tipping point : [how little things can make a big difference] / Malcolm Gladwell.
  13. French I.
  14. Handel, Ravel, Britten, Debussy, Bartok, etc..
  15. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  16. Led Zeppelin.
  17. Let it bleed / the Rolling Stones.
  18. The Motown box.
  19. Led Zeppelin II.
  20. Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison.

You can search for CDs in Addison using the Advanced Search screen. Select Audio CD as your format and include either a music genre, composer, performer or band name, or "pimsleur" in the search box, or type ** to see all audio CDs.


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