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Top 20 Addison searches this year

May 3, 2010 – We track common searches in Addison to improve your search experience. (We gather aggregate data; we can't track individual searches or associate searches with patrons.) Here are the top 20 searches for the 2009-2010 academic year:

  • web of science
  • pubmed
  • jstor
  • endnote
  • psycinfo
  • ieee
  • harry potter
  • van hook
  • factiva
  • compendex
  • schneider
  • ebsco
  • science
  • grant
  • opposing viewpoints
  • nature
  • safari
  • psychinfo
  • isi
  • lexis nexis

Note that a lot of these searches are database names. While we recommend you use the Database Title Search to look up databases (it's more complete than what's listed in Addison), we have made improvements to the way databases are displayed in Addison. We have also added common misspellings, like psychinfo, so these searches will still return useful results.

We added an entry in Addison for our EndNote software license that directs users to both the download site and our local webpage on Endnote.

Last year's most popular searched title was Twilight; Harry Potter is once again on top.

Finally, several instructors' names made the top 50 searches; these are searches in the Reserves listings for course required readings.

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