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Top 25 checked out DVDs

May 5, 2010 – Here are the top 25 checked out DVDs for the 2009-2010 academic year:

  1. dvd cover Juno
    Call number: DVD 1775
  2. dvd cover Seinfeld. Vol. 3, Season 4
    Call number: DVD 598
  3. dvd cover Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain = Amélie from Montmartre
    Call number: DVD 348
  4. dvd cover No country for old men
    Call number: DVD 1822
  5. dvd cover Seinfeld. Vol. 2, Season
    Call number: DVD 415 Oversize
  6. Trainspotting
    Call number: DVD 2086
  7. dvd cover Burn after reading
    Call number: DVD 2458
  8. dvd cover WALL-E
    Call number: DVD 2293
  9. dvd cover Slumdog
    Call number: DVD 2559
  10. dvd cover Austrailia
    Call number: DVD 2420
  11. dvd cover 2001, a space odyssey
    Call number: DVD 1702
  12. dvd cover Chocolat
    Call number: DVD 62
  13. dvd cover Le scaphandre et le = Diving bell and the butterfly
    Call number: DVD 1866
  14. dvd cover Persepolis
    Call number: DVD 2288
  15. dvd cover Rachel getting married
    Call number: DVD 2417
  16. dvd cover GoodFellas
    Call number: DVD 1008
  17. dvd cover Into the wild
    Call number: DVD 2197
  18. dvd cover Hancock
    Call number: DVD 2363
  19. dvd cover Iron Man
    Call number: DVD 2393
  20. dvd cover The Matrix
    Call number: DVD 22
  21. dvd cover Gangs of New York
    Call number: DVD 318
  22. dvd cover Vicky Cristina Barcelona
    Call number: DVD 2442
  23. dvd cover Closer
    Call number: DVD 695
  24. dvd cover Freaks and geeks
    Call number: DVD 2593 Oversize
  25. Forest Gump
    Call number: DVD 155


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