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Addison upgrade: My Library Account

Aug. 11, 2010 – Login to My Library Account from any Addison screen or library website page. Once logged in, you'll have access to your account information, including checked out items; status of requests; and lists of fines, My Lists, Reading History, and Saved Searches. Searching the catalog while logged in will also save steps when requesting, adding to My Lists, and filling out circulation-related forms.

Some of the icons listed below will not appear if there is no corresponding data to display. For instance, if you have no items currently checked out, the Checked Out Items button does not display.

Search Addison

Search the catalog (by using this button or the search box at the top of the screen) while logged in to save steps and access circulation related forms.

Checked Out Items

This is the default screen in My Library Account if you have any currently checked out items. The list will show you the title/author of each item, the barcode for that item, the current due date, and the call number. You can renew eligible items on this screen. Note that your maximum number of renewals depends on your patron type. See the Borrowing privileges page and the Renewing library materials page for details. If you try to renew an ineligible item, you will receive an error message. Once you have used your maximum number of renewals, you can return and re-check out the item in person at any library branch. Recalled items cannot be renewed. If any item is currently overdue, accruing fines appear on this screen. Once an item has been renewed or turn in, the fine is then fixed and will appear on the Fines screen.

My Unpaid Fines

Fixed fines will display here. Fines that are still accruing appear on the Checked Out Items screen. Fines accrue at rates determined by your patron type. You'll see a list of each item with a corresponding fine, how much the fine is for that item (check the borrowing privileges page for details on how that fine accrued), when the item was checked out, when it was due, and when it was returned. If you have more than $20 in fines, your library account will be block; you will not be able to checkout or renew materials until the fine is less than $20. Materials 30 days overdue also receive a replacement fee from the library and a non-refundable processing fee from the Bursar's Office. See our Fines page for details. You can pay fines in person at the Newman Circulation Desk or by mail until they have been sent to Accounts Receivable in the Bursar's Office. We do not accept credit cards, nor offer online fine payments. You can appeal fines less than 60 days old online.

My Requests

Any current requests appear on this screen. You can modify requests from this screen by using the Cancel All or Cencal Selected buttons. You can sort the listed request by the date you made the request (this date does not display) or by the date the requests expire (if you did not choose an expiration date at the time of making the request, the defaukt is 90 days--but most requests are filled long before then). A request item is available for checkout by you when the status states "Ready. Must pickup by [date]." A status of Available or X of Y holds is not yet ready for pickup. You will also receive an email when requests are filled.

My Lists

My Lists are lists of records permanently attached to your library account. (Records added to the book basket automatically disappear after 20 minutes of inactivity.) You can have up to 20 separate lists at a given time. The My Lists section of My Library Account allows you to create, modify, and delete lists. You can move items between lists, rename lists, remove duplicate records from a single list, and add items on a list to the basket, which then allows for viewing, printing, saving, and exporting to EndNote. Please be aware that if you elect to keep saved lists on your account, they may be subject to examination by law enforcement authorities with a subpoena and without your permission.

Reading History

Reading History is a service that records the title, author, and checkout date of materials you have checked out of the University Libraries collections. You must Opt In to the service before any items will be listed; only items checked out AFTER opting in will appear in the list. You may turn your Reading History OFF any time by logging into My Library Record, deleting all items from the list, then using the End/Opt Out button. If you choose to activate your Reading History, and later turn it off, all stored records will be deleted from the system. You can also delete individual items from the list. Please be aware that if you elect to keep a Reading History, it may be subject to examination by law enforcement authorities with a subpoena and without your permission.

My Saved Searches

While logged in, you can save searches you perform so that you can run the same search again in the future. Look for the Save as Preferred Search button in the search box at the top of a search results screen. (This process works best with well refined searches.) To delete a selected Saved Searches, mark their checkbox then use the Update Saved Searches button. You can receive a list of new items that match a preferred search via email twice a month (on the 1st and 16th). Check the Mark for Email box and then use the Update Marked Searches button. Please be aware that if you elect to keep Preferred Searches on your account, they may be subject to examination by law enforcement authorities with a subpoena and without your permission.

Modify My Info

You can modify your address and phone number recorded in our system. (Non-Virginia Tech patrons can also modify their email address.) We send notices via email unless their is no email address for an account, in which case we send notices via mail. Virginia Tech patron records are updated regularly from files from the Bursar's Office, which include addresses, phone numbers, and Virginia Tech email addresses. These files also indicate your current status and patron type (student, staff, faculty), but if you believe there is an error (you are checking out materials for 30 days when you should be getting 90 days as a graduate student), please contact the circulation desk so we can change your patron type. Please note that items checked out as one patron type remain under that loan period if your patron type is changed during the checkout period.

Show My Messages

Any messages related to your account are connected to this button. (It's rarely used.) Messages could be related to a blocked account, disputed material on an account, or the need to update contact information.