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Web of Knowledge databases have updated interface


ISI Web of Science

July 20, 2011 – Databases hosted on the platform, including Arts & Humanities Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science , Biological Abstracts from Thomson Web of Science , Science Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science , and Social Sciences Citation Index from Thomson Web of Science , are now available with an updated interface.

New search features

  • All terms are searched in Topic field – no stop words
  • Lemmatization – automatically helps find variations
    • Stemming for plurals, verb tenses, degrees of comparison (tooth/teeth)
  • British/US spelling variations (behavior/behaviour)
  • Left hand truncation (*conductor = semiconductor)
  • NEAR/x operator (oil near/5 spill)
  • Web of Science New Search Features
    • Cited Reference Search – now search Volume, Page, or Issue number (+ direct links to records from hosted content)
    • Search full words in Address field (University, College, etc)
    • Search Author Name as published (for records from 2007+)

Managing results

  • All results returned – no record limit
  • Results sorted by Publication Date
  • Abstract preview
  • All Databases search – refine by database
  • Export all results from Analyze
  • Marked List upgrades
    • Total List – combined list across databases
    • Supports up to 5,000 items
    • Analyze and Citation Report for Marked List items
    • Links to full text
    • View abstract preview
    • Option to delete individual items

Author identification

  • Searchable Researcher ID number field
  • Changes to Author Finder
    • Combines Distinct Author Sets clustering with Refine feature

Citation counts

  • See the full citation picture with citation data reported from:
    • Biosis Citation Index
    • Web of Science
    • Chinese Science Citation Database
  • All article citation counts include cites from all three sources
    • Links to view citing articles are dependent upon your subscription access
  • For more information see our “Citation Sources in the Web of Knowledge” presentation
  • Links to Web of Science Citing Articles, Cited References, Related Records in non-citation databases (e.g. Inspec, CABI, etc.)