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Mac driver for library printers now available


multi-function units Cannon c5045 multifunction units (MFU) have the ability to copy, print, or scan.

Jan. 30, 2012 – The Mac version of the printer driver for the library's multifunction printers is now available for download. Simply install the driver to be able to print to library printers from your Mac laptop (or home desktop). The final step of printing will have you enter your Hokie Passport number so that your print jobs will be connected to your account.

Be sure to configure your printing options carefully. Once you've set options such as B&W/color printing, these options should stick, but the first time you print, you should review each configuration option to verify what you will actually be printing.

Swipe your Hokie Passport at any of our printers within 24 hours of printing, select the jobs you want to print, and verify you have enough funds in your Hokie Passport account.


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