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Google Scholar advanced search changed

June 7, 2012 – Google Scholar has changed access to its advanced search options. From the default search

    Google Scholar search

look for the down-arrow on the right side of the search box. Use that arrow to reveal the advanced search options, including phrase searching (you could also use quotes), author searching, limiting to particular journals, and limiting by publication date.

    Google Scholar advanced search

Many of our patrons use Google Scholar, and it has its advantages, but there are also many disadvantages versus using a database like Summon, including that Summon is a larger database, Summon allows limit to scholarly resources, and Summon actually lists what is indexed.

Google works with libraries to determine which journals and papers they've subscribed to electronically, and then links to articles from those sources when they're available. Once you tell Google what library you're a member of, they keep an eye out for that library's subscription materials and provide special links to them in your search results. If you are using the campus network (including Off Campus Sign In), you'll automatically see Get VText links next to your results. If you are off campus, you'll need to tell Google Scholar which library you want to use:

  1. Click on Scholar Preferences.
  2. Search for Virginia Tech in the 'Library Links' section.
  3. Select all three instances listed for Virginia Tech.
  4. Click Save preferences.
  5. Now search results will have Get VText links that will connect you to full text (online or in print) or an interlibrary loan form when we don't have any access. Be sure to use Off Campus Sign In on the Get VText page when you are not using the campus network.