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Reaxys requires re-registration



July 27, 2012 – The   Reaxys database requires logging in with an individual login and password. Elsevier is in the process of consolidating all the various authentication systems of its products. As a result you will be able to access all subscribed products which use the consolidated system with the same user name and password, providing you with more convenient access to our products. 

At this stage of the process we are planning to move Reaxys accounts to the global standard Elsevier authentication system on August 1, 2012. 

New username and password

You will have to re-register via the registration link at Reaxys . Use your VT email address. You will receive a new Registration ID that you should validate. This will give you access to Reaxys and all other Elsevier applications that you have a right to access.

Backing up personal reaxys data

It is important to note that all current personal Reaxys data, such as My Settings, Alerts and saved results (history), will be lost during this process. Once you have received a new username and password you need to re-create them. Please find a guide on how to back-up and restore your alerts and hitsets online.

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