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Finding textbooks in Addison

Aug. 20, 2012 – The library carries some textbooks, either as part of the regular collection or in Reserve if placed there by faculty. Using the list of textbooks at the University Bookstore site, you can search Addison, the library catalog, to see if any are available for check out. (Searching Addison for a known item by title or ISBN is easier than searching the same in Summon.)

Note that the library owning a copy of your textbook does not mean you can avoid purchasing your own copy. Textbooks kept on reserve will have a short check out period: two weeks or two days for most books. Textbooks in the regular collection will commonly be recalled by other students in your class, also shortening the length of time you can have an item checked out. Interlibrary Loan does not generally borrow textbooks (because they are just as likely to be checked out of other libraries as they are here).

Search by ISBN

After searching the bookstore list of textbooks, you will be given a list of titles, authors, and ISBN (standard numbers) for each book. Copy the ISBN number and search this number on the Numbers search screen in Addison. Be sure to select the ISBN/ISSN search type. If we own the textbook, this method should return a screen listing the location and availability of the item. If you get no results, you can check to see if the library owns a different edition that may be helpful to you.

Use LibX as a shortcut

If you have the LibX browser extension installed, the ISBNs will be automatically linked to a catalog search, allowing you to skip several steps above. You can also highlight titles and authors, then right-click and choose to search these directly in Addison. No copying and pasting required.

Look for other editions

To search for other editions, use the Author/Title search screen in Addison. Enter the last name of the author of your textbook (or the first author listed if more than one) in the author field, and the first few words of the title of your textbook in the title field. You may get more than one result, so note the publication years listed in the right column of your search results. Click the title link to see more information about these results.

Check Course Reserves for your instructor

Faculty can also place textbooks on reserve, using either a copy the library happens to own, or their personal copy. Find these copies by searching the Reserves part of the catalog (personal copies don't show in regular catalog searches). You can either search your professor's name (last name is usually sufficient) or your class abbreviation and number or class name. Try both methods if one doesn't return a result. You can also ask your instructor if he or she has a copy of the textbook to place on reserve.

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