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Getting materials from branch libraries and missing items just got easier

Feb. 11, 2013 – request buttonHaving material delivered to and from Newman and the Blacksburg branch libraries (Art + Architecture and Veterinary Medicine) and reporting missing material just got easier as new functionality is added to Addison's request button.

If you need books (and more) located in Newman Library to be delivered to one of the branches, or branch library material be delivered to Newman or a participating department office, you no longer need to manually fill in a separate form. Use Addison's request button, login, specify where you want the material delivered, and note which copy you need, and library staff will pull the item for you and send it via the library's Courier Service to its intended location. Branches pull material twice each weekday. The Courier delivers once each weekday.

If you need a book that is not in the stacks where you expect to find it, and a quick check of the reshelving area also doesn't turn it up, you can now use the request button to start the process of searching for that item. We will search for the item multiple times. If it is found, it will be held for you at the circulation desk; if not, it will be marked as missing in the catalog and that makes you eligible to use interlibrary loan to get it from another library. You will be emailed in either circumstance.

These new uses are in addition to the existing functions of the request button:

Recall a checked out item
There will be times when the materials you need are already checked out to another patron. You may request that the current user return materials prior to the originally assigned due date. The material will then be held for you at the branch library of your choice. Please note some items, such as DVDs, cannot be requested.
Retrieve an item from remote storage
Some books and bound journals are located in our remote storage facility. Use the request button to have these items delivered to a branch library or participating Book Runner department. Storage items are picked up each weekday morning.
Faculty department delivery service
Items from Newman, the branches, or remote storage can be delivered to participating department offices. Books and Newman CDs and scripts can be requested. Deliveries are made once each weekday (as long as your department's office is open).
Retrieving available items
Any library patron can request available items using the request button and these will be held for you at the circulation desk for seven days. Newman items are pulled three times each weekday and twice each weekend day. Branch items are pulled twice each weekday and not on the weekend. You can login to My Library Account to see which items are ready to pick up (they'll be listed as ON HOLDSHELF). Email notification happens once each early morning.

These services still require filling in an extra form:

Delivering items to extended campus users
Extended campus users can have materials from Virginia Tech (and other libraries) mailed to them free of charge. For items from our libraries, login to My Library Account first; when you find a book or other material you need, you'll see a link to request the item through ILLiad in the External Links box in Addison.
Desktop Delivery service
Virginia Tech users can request scans of articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings from print materials located in Newman, the branch libraries, or remote storage. Use the ILLiad-based form to request these scans. They will be downloadable from your ILLiad account.
Schedule media materials for a class
Instructors who wish to use media materials (videos, 16MM films, DVDs, slides) in their classes may schedule them for a period of up to two weeks. Media can be picked up at the Circulation Desk or sent through the Book Runner service. Requests can be made anytime prior to the date the media is needed, but requests should be made as far ahead of time as possible to ensure the item is here when you need it.