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Start searches for ebooks in Summon (ebook records are being removed from Addison)



March 26, 2013 – The number of ebooks available through the Virginia Tech Libraries has increased exponentially in the last year to over half a million. Our new E-preferred monograph acquisitions (ebook) policy means that the majority of our book purchases are the online version. This includes packages of ebooks from various publishers, much like we have packages of ejournals. We also get access to ebooks (and individual chapters of ebooks) through various databases like those from EBSCOhost. This means that the list of titles available to us as ebooks fluctuates every day; publishers' changing title lists and changing platforms means frequent updates to these lists.

As a result of these frequent changes, we are no longer including records for these ebooks in Addison, the library catalog. (Records for online government documents, some historical ebooks, and locally hosted ebooks will remain in the catalog.)

We recommend searches for ebooks (and books and much more) begin in Summon . Summon includes records for almost all of the ebooks available to us through purchased packages, subscription packages, full-text databases, and open access/freely accessible ebooks, plus records for all of our print books, videos, and more from the library catalog. This one-stop database is the most comprehensive source of ebook (and book!) records.

When searching specifically for books and/or ebooks, start in the Summon tab on the library's home page and select the option to limit to books and ebooks. For longer titles, just pasting in the title, selecting the limit button, and searching should show the result near the top of the list. For shorter titles, include the title inside quotes for a more refined list of results. (Remember, if you don't use the book/ebook limit option, you'll likely also get many book reviews in your results list.)

Another quick way to search for known items is to use the advanced search page and enter a combination of title terms and author name(s) in the appropriate fields.

Ebooks typically link you directly to the ebook's home page on whatever site hosts the ebook. (Print books will link you to the corresponding Addison screen, though the Summon results will display the location, call number, and availability that you will need to find the book on the shelves You can also use the Request button on the Addison screen to have us retrieve the book for you.)

If you need help finding or accessing an ebook, use the Ask a Librarian link on any library web page or Summon page.

Many of our ebooks are available as PDFs and this format is supported by many ebook readers. Here's a chart listing the capabilities of several major e-reader devices. Some of our downloadable ebooks use Abobe Digital Editions to set expiration periods; here's a list of compatible devices.We do not provide support for loading ebooks onto your device.

We recommend these apps for reading most of our downloadable ebooks:

Looking for help with your ereader? Here's some books from our collection: