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Hot Springs Civilian Conservation Corp photos exhibited on Flickr


Civilian Conservation Corp camps

June 2, 2013 – New on Flickr: Photos from the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp P-57, Company 1389, in Hot Springs, VA. Taken by an unknown photographer in the 1930s, these images from Special Collections have never before been exhibited.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a national program to put young men to work during the Depression. Over 64,000 Virginia youths were employed by the CCC at more than 80 camps, most of which were run by the War Department. The first camp in Virginia, Camp Roosevelt, was set up at Luray in the George Washington National Forest in 1933. The Hot Springs Camp, documented in these photos, was located along Route 39 at Mountain View. Young men riding the train to camp got off at the Millboro Depot.

Virginia benefited tremendously from the Civilian Conservation Corps. During its 9 years of existence (1933-1942) the CCC spent $109 million in Virginia, employing 107,210 men statewide, including 64,762 Virginia youths. Over 15 million trees were planted and over 900 bridges constructed, but the program's most important contribution to the Commonwealth was the establishment of the Virginia state parks system and and the opening of six Virginia parks.

We hope you'll enjoy this look at the camaraderie inside a Virginia CCC Camp. If you can contribute any information about the people or places in these images, we welcome your comments!

Learn more about the CCC in Encyclopedia Virginia or the CCC Legacy site.

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