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University updating VPN service, may require changes to your configuration

July 29, 2014 – The current Virginia Tech PPTP Virtual Private Network (VPN) service will be decommissioned after July 29, 2014. Configure your devices to use the new remote access - VPN now, because the PPTP service will not be available once the PPTP service is decommissioned.

Virginia Tech's remote access - VPN service allows you to access university services as though you were on the Virginia Tech network, such as our subscription databases, ebooks, and ejournals. A VPN connection to the campus network is an alternative to Off Campus Sign In, and can give you access to additional resources, like Network Software's downloadable packages. You can use a VPN connection to the campus network on desktop/laptop computers and mobile devices like iOS and Android.


The new VPN service only routes traffic to Virginia Tech websites and services through the VPN. To access third-party system like library resources, you'll need to configure the VPN software to send all of your Internet traffic through the campus network (or at least for the duration of your library work). Instructions:

VPN configuration instructions

Windows and Mac OS

These operating systems are currently supported by the new VPN software.

  1. First, download and install Junos Pulse version 5.0.4 by following the appropriate instructions below:
  2. Then, to connect, follow the instructions at Connecting to the Remote Access - VPN.



To access the new VPN, you'll need a network password. You will also need a Virginia Tech wireless account (even if you'll never use the campus wireless network).

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