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Essential Science Indicators provides analysis of scientific literature


ISI Web of Science

Essential Science Indicators from Thomson's InCites

    ISI Web of Science
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Essential Science Indicators from Thomson's InCites

Jan. 8, 2015 – Essential Science Indicators provides statistics and analysis on published articles. It ranks authors, institutions, countries, and journals across 22 broad disciplines. Last 10 years. 

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Essential Science Indicators is the ideal resource for conducting complex analyses of scientific literature so you can easily discover the information you need to:

  • Analyze research performance of companies, institutions, nations, and journals
  • Identify significant trends in the sciences and social sciences
  • Rank top countries, journals, scientists, papers, and institutions by field of research
  • Determine research output and impact in specific fields of research
  • Evaluate potential employees, collaborators, reviewers, and peers

Answer questions like:

  • What are the most cited papers in immunology?
  • What are the emerging research areas in agricultural sciences?
  • What country has the highest impact in chemical research?
  • Who are the most highly cited authors in the field of molecular biology?
  • What are the top journals in geosciences?