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Summon database passes 2 billion records



Feb. 7, 2015 – summon record growth chart with 16% growth from 2013 to 2014  Summon , the library's discovery database, now includes 2.1 billion records representing over 90 different kinds of content. Over 348 million new records were added in 2014.

  • 33% of records come from library catalogs and institutional repositories (we contribute records from Addison and VTechWorks)
  • 44% of records represent commercial content: articles, ebooks, and more from publishers and aggregation databases like ERIC and MLA International Bibliography
  • The remaining 23% of records represent content from open access repositories, citations from abstracting and indexing databases, full-text content from open websites, and government documents from multiple sources

Such a large number of records means a simple search of one or two words will result in millions of records-most of which are probably not relevant to your needs. You can improve your search results using phrase searching, field searching, and facets. Each of these techniques is detailed on our Summon help page.

You can also use the Add results beyond your library's collection option to include results that are not part of our collections and subscriptions that you can request through interlibrary loan.