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Suggested book recommendation service in Addison upgraded



Feb. 10, 2015 – The suggested books from LibraryThing service in Addison, the library catalog, has been upgraded to offer many more suggestions, helpfully categorized to make finding additional readings easier.

LibraryThing is a social book service where users list their collections and discuss, review, and tag books. We leverage this vast collection of data about books to display enhancements in the catalog.

The LibraryThing book recommender has long listed related books to the one you are viewing in Addison, showing a mix of books by the same author, books in the same genre, books with similar user-supplied tags, and other connected books using user-driven data. Now these recommendations have been categorized and display with book covers. We hope these new feature lead you to some interesting reads.

In this sample record for the novel Gone Girl, two suggested books are show, with a button to see more options. Using that button opens an overlay on the screen, listing many additional suggestions. Each entry is linked to its catalog record, so you can find the location, call number, and status of the book.

    Similar items

The Similar Items section shows the usual list of recommendations with the mix of titles as mentioned above.

    More by author

The More by author section lists any other books by that author in out collection. Here we have one additional book.

    Similar authors

The Similar authors section shows authors judges similar by LibraryThing users. Clicking any entry will show a list of books by that author in our collection.

    By tags

Tags are descriptors applied by LibraryThing users. Books in this section share tags.

    By genre

Genres are also applied by LibraryThing users, and books listed in the section share the genre.