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Social Explorer database adds domestic and international datasets


Social Explorer

Social Explorer

    Social Explorer
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Social Explorer

May 31, 2016 – Social Explorer provides visualizations of social science data sets, including the US census and the American Community Survey.

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Social Explorer has always been a great source to visualize Census Bureau data. In recent months, international data resources and new thematic US datasets have been added.

  • The World Development Indicators (2013), collected by The World Bank, bring the globe to Social Explorer users. Visualize and compare a variety of socioeconomic indicators by country and region.
  • Statistics Canada's Canadian Census (2011) offers an in-depth look at our neighbors to the north. Start exploring data on age, sex, families, household and marital status, and dwelling types, with more housing and agricultural data coming soon.
  • Eurostat's collection of European Statistics (2013) catalogs detailed demographic and migration data by country and by disseminated geographical aggregate level.
  • US Health Data (2010 - 2015), compiled by the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps program, contain detailed data on vital health factors such as health care access, obesity, smoking, and excessive drinking.
  • US Crime and Arrest Data (2010 - 2014) from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) and the FBI compile detailed data on violent crimes, property crimes, and arrests across the US at the county level. Now all data from 2010 to 2014 are available on the site.

Plus, Social Explorer always has the latest American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau.