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Publishing requirements

Thre are times when authors are required by funding agencies to provide open access to their publication.

Electronic theses and dissertations

A goal of the Virginia Tech ETD initiative since its inception has been to provide open access to its graduate students' theses, dissertations, and similar works. Authors may choose to temporarily restrict access to their ETDs.

National Institutes of Health public access

NIH's Public Access Policy ensures that the published results of NIH-funded research is available on the Internet. Articles must be deposited in PubMed Central, a free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

NSF Data Management Plan requirements

Beginning January 18, 2011, proposals submitted to NSF must include a supplementary document of no more than two pages labeled "Data Management Plan" (DMP) . This supplementary document should describe how the proposal will conform to NSF policy on the dissemination and sharing of research results. Proposals that do not include a DMP will not be able to be submitted. For more information about this new requirement, please see the Grant Proposal Guide, Chapter II.C.2.j and the Data Management and Sharing Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).

Executive Directive on Public Access

On February 22, 2013, the White House issused an executive memorandum that included a directive requiring the results of taxpayer-funded research – both articles and data – to be made available to the general public to freely access and fully use, with the goals of accelerating scientific discovery and fueling innovation. Federal agencies are expected to release draft plans for public comment and for the possible start of implementation in early 2014.

Progress toward making taxpayer-funded scientific research freely accessible in a digital environment was reached today with Congressional passage of the FY 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Bill.  The bill requires federal agencies under the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education portion of the Omnibus bill with research budgets of $100 million or more to provide the public with online access to articles reporting on federally funded research no later than 12 months after publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute [HHMI] public access publishing policy

The HHMI announced on June 26, 2007 that it will "require its scientists to publish their original research articles in scientific journals that allow the articles and supplementary materials to be made freely accessible in a public repository within six months of publication." The policy applies to all manuscripts submitted by HHMI scientists on or after January 1, 2008.

IES mandate

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES), part of the US Department of Education, has an open access mandate for IES-funded research. The mandate operates similarly to that of NIH, in that the author's final version of the manuscript must be deposited, and there can be up to a 12-month delay before it is made available. The difference is that deposits go to the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) rather than PubMedCentral.