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  • Add money to Hokie Passport accounts

    You can add money to you Hokie Passport Account using the cash-to-card machines located on the 2nd floor in front of the Circulation Desk and the 4th floor beside the copiers. (If you don't have a Hokie Passport, you can purchase a copy/print card to use instead.)

  • Bill university and grant funds

    University faculty and staff may purchase debit cards using department or grant funds processed through HokieMart. Bring a copy of your HokieMart ISR to the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the Newman Library during the hours of 8am and 3pm, Monday through Friday. There is a $1.50 charge for the card.

  • Fax or scan self-service

    We now have a self-service scanner, located at the second floor Circulation Desk, that can scan and send documents via fax. Simply scan your Hokie Passport or print card, position your document on the scanner, select your scanning options, and enter the phone number you wish to fax to.

  • Send a Print Job

    Your can print to our equipment from your laptop, our public computers, mobile devices like smart phone or tablets, or through special email addresses.

  • Use the photocopiers

    1. Swipe your Hokie Passport or equivalent copy card (stripe up).
    2. You will view an account screen showing the balance of your account. You must have Hokie Passport value on your card in the “Flex” account. Money may be added on the cash-to-card machines on the 2nd or 4th floors. Push OK.
    3. A screen will appear that will allow you to choose from with Print or Copy or Account options. This screen will also list items in your print queue. Select the Copy button. This will bring up the copy control screen.
      This screen will allow you to select paper size, color (B/W is the default), finishing (staples choices), ratio (enlarging and reduction), and one-sided or two-side copying.
    4. Your original should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the platen glass or in the feeders.
    5. As you copy, your account will be debited. If you run out of money, a pop up screen will alert you.
    6. Once you have completed your use of the copier/printer, be sure to log out using the button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Use the poster plotter

    We now have a poster plotter to which you can print presentations, maps, blueprints, and more oversized print jobs. Prints cost 3¢/square inch (see right column for sample prices). You can print on 24" or 36" wide paper up to 72" in length.

    Because there are no refunds for misprinted jobs, we strongly recommend printing only PDF documents (convert any other format to PDF). The Acrobat print window will display exactly how your output will fit on the selected page size and PDFs more accurately show how colors will appear on the paper.

  • Use the scanners

    Our new copier/printers also provide scanning to a variety of file formats for 5¢/page. These are most useful when scanning multiple documents that can be fed through the sheet feeder.

    A self-service scanner is also located at the Circulation Desk on the second floor that can scan to a USB drive, DropBox, Google Drive, email attachment, or fax to a phone number. These scans are also 5¢/page.

Photocopying, printing, scanning, and faxing services are available all hours Newman Library is open. Units are available on all floors of Newman Library, plus in the Art + Arch and Vet Med library branches.

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Price list

Black and white printing and copying

  • Letter (8 1/2x11) 13¢/page, 24¢/double-sided
  • Legal (8 1/2x14) 13¢/page, 24¢/double-sided
  • Tabloid (11x17) 25¢/page, 46¢/double-sided

Color printing and copying

  • Letter (8 1/2x11) 75¢/page, $1.50/double-sided
  • Legal (8 1/2x14) 75¢/page, $1.50/double-sided
  • Tabloid (11x17) $1/page, $2/double sided

Poster plotter printing

3¢/sq. inch with 24" and 36" wide paper available (print out up to 72" in length). 


  • Any size 5¢/page

Copy/print cards

  • If you don't have a Hokie Passport, you can purchase a copy/print card for $1.50


  • Local, toll free, or domestic (U.S. or Canada): $1.25/page
  • International toll: TBD