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Survey design bibliography

Listed here are general books on survey designs. To find more specific books for surveying in your academic discipline, search Summon for "survey design" and your discipline, starting with the most specific term and then broadening that term as necessary.

The Center for Survey Research offers consulting services related to studies conducted through telephone polls and web surveys. Contract work by the CSR may entail:

Sampling Design and Sampling
The CSR assists in designing samples that best represent the populations targeted for study, including simple random samples, quota samples, and stratified samples. RDD (Random Digit Dialing) capability is available for phone surveys. The CSR also arranges to obtain general and special samples from professional sampling firms.
Design of Survey Content
In consultation with clients, CSR staff members offer technical assistance on wording, item construction, and layout of data collection instruments.
Preparation of Survey Forms
The CSR can assist in preparation of camera-ready copies of instruments, together with coordination of the printing of cover letters, envelopes, follow-up letters and postcards for mail surveys. Electronic versions of instruments for web-based surveys and for phone surveys employing CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) are also prepared by the CSR.
Data Collection
The CSR collects reliable data using state-of-the-art techniques specifically tailored to the objectives of each project. Primary data collection methods offered by the CSR include telephone interviews, mail questionnaires, and web surveys. Standard instrument pretesting is provided. Focus group techniques are also offered on a small scale when needed as preliminary data for launching mail or phone survey projects.
Data Coding and Entry
The CSR designs data coding layouts and produces data codebooks. Data entry, including both numeric and text data, is offered as part of a larger data collection project, or as a separate independent service for clients who expressly require only this phase of the total research process. High standards of quality control are maintained through independent double-entry of a sample of the data and through routine range checks of all the entered numeric data.
Statistical Analysis
The primary statistical products of a project conducted by the CSR include production of marginal frequency distributions on every close-ended variable, and often a series of basic two-way cross-tabulations. Moreover, CSR professional staff members have extensive experience in the use of a variety of statistical methods and statistical software packages for clients needing more sophisticated data analysis beyond basic descriptive statistics.
Report Presentation

For most CSR projects, only a brief report is generated. This report outlines data collection and quality control procedures, including an analytical summary of the response rates and standard error estimates. Appendices include a copy of the final instrument, the codebook, frequency distributions and cross-tabs, and selected graphic displays of key data items. Clients are routinely provided a data diskette as part of the final report.

Preparation of more extensive technical reports, involving a detailed descriptive and interpretive narrative, is also available. This generally includes a substantial amount of CSR professional staff time, and is therefore often contracted as a separate component of a project.

Graphic displays of data may also be contracted. The CSR maintains state-of-the-art graphics packages to produce both black and white and multi-color displays on paper or overheads.

Presentation of Results
CSR professional staff members are available to present brief oral reports to clients and their sponsors. The format of the presentation is designed to meet the needs of the audience and generally is enhanced by presentation of color graphics and summary tabular data.
Data Archiving and Secondary Analysis Services

For all projects involving coded data collection, a back-up copy of the data provided to the client is maintained by the CSR for at least one year. These data are considered as proprietary and are not released to anyone without authorization of the original client. Additionally, the CSR maintains selected public-access data files and provides secondary analysis services to those researchers who wish to employ extant data.

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