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Altmetrics and open access

  • Researchers, research managers and publishers are increasingly required to factor into their policies and practices the conditions by publicly funded research must be made publicly available
  • Altmetrics measure the number of times a research output gets cited, tweeted about, liked, shared, bookmarked, viewed, downloaded, mentioned, favorited, reviewed, or discussed.
  • It harvests these numbers from a wide variety of open source web services that count such instances, including open access journal platforms, scholarly citation databases, web-based research sharing services, and social media
  • The numbers are harvested almost in real time, providing researchers with fast evidence that their research has made an impact or generated a conversation in the public forum
  • Altmetrics are quantitative indicators of public reach and influence
  • Altmetrics also provide a democratic process of public review, in which outputs are analyzed and assessed by as many students, researchers, policy makers, industry representatives, and members of the public that wish to participate in the discussion
  • Altmetrics provide a more comprehensive understanding of impact across sectors, including public impact by publicly funded research

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