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Off-site storage of computer tapes

Store your backup computer tapes off-site in our specially designed vault room. The off-site storage is a simple and effective way to protect your organization and/or office against disasters like fire or vandalism.

Vault environment

A stable, secure storage environment
The room is maintained at a constant 70 degrees and 35% - 55% humidity. It's secured with intrusion alarms and motion detectors.
Controlled access
The interior door to the building remains locked at all times. After admittance to the building, access to the vault room can only be obtained with the use of a valid VT ID card entered into the cipher lock.
Enhanced fire protection
Constructed with a concrete floor, and walls, the vault room is rated to withstand as a minimum three hours of fire. Additionally the entire building has an automated fire suppression system and a fire alarm wired into the campus police office.


The vault room, located in the University Storage Facility, was specifically designed to store copies of backup computer tapes and vital records. It is recommended that the university routinely store a copy of their backup computer tapes off-site to better protect against fire, vandalism, and other disasters.

University computer tapes and vital records that meet the following requirements may be stored in the Records Center vault.

  1. Stored tapes/diskettes must contain vital information. The vault room is intended to store information and records essential to the operations of the university. The vault has limited space and can not be used to store old software diskettes and tapes or routine information.
  2. Tapes/diskettes are in a container. Media must be stored in a container (preferably waterproof in case of sprinkler activation) no more than 14 in. high by 15 in. deep.
  3. Request for vault storage. The dean/director/department head must submit a request in writing or by email stating:
    1. The unit's intent to store backup computer tapes/diskettes
    2. The number of tapes/diskettes to be stored
    3. The names, Virginia Tech ID numbers, and email addresses of the individuals granted access to the unit's stored material. The individuals' ID numbers will be programmed into the cipher lock for so that they can access the vault room with their VT ID card (Hokie Passport).
    4. How often the stored materials will be accessed (e.g.. daily, weekly, monthly)
    5. Any special requirements (e.g. immediate access during evenings and weekends)

The staff of the Department of Records Management Services acts only as custodians of the material. The originating department retains primary responsibility for the contents of the stored material. Exceptions to access control occur only to meet the university legal obligations or for auditing purposes.

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