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Records storage

Free up valuable office space by storing your records in Virginia Tech's University Records Center. We provide easy access to stored documents during accepted delivery business hours. You can request files/folders/boxes on-line or by email, phone, or fax. We'll send the original or a copy to you through campus mail or by fax. Boxes, however, cannot be sent by campus mail. At the end of the retention period and upon receiving your approval, we will automatically process the records for destruction. See the storage/transfer procedures section below for details.

Storage/transfer procedures

University Records & Information Governance operates the Records Center, located in a warehouse specifically designed for high-density document storage. All university records may be stored in the Records Center provided they meet the following conditions.

  • Records must be scheduled. Records must be identified by a record series code which identifies the record series and retention period in accordance with the Virginia General Schedules. See the State records retention schedules for the records series code. All of the records retention schedules for the State of Virginia can be found in the state general schedules. Please call us if you have any questions).
  • Records must be boxed correctly. Records must be packed in new records storage boxes with lids so that they will fit the shelving in the Records Center.

Acceptable boxes

You will realize substantial savings by purchasing storage boxes from Records Management. Using an ISR through Hokie Mart, boxes are available for pick up, in any quantity, at $1.50 per standard box and $1.00 per half sized box.

  • Full-sized box dimensions: 10 in. h x 12 in. h x 15 in. d - These are packed 25 to the case, but may be purchased in any quantity. Order them using an ISR through Hokie Mart.
  • Half-sized box dimensions: 10 in. h x 6 in. w x 15 in. d - Like the full sized box, may be ordered, in any quantity through Hokie Mart.
  • No hanging files unless they are laid horizontally in the box. They cannot be hung on the sides of the storage box, as they tear the box, as well as the hands of records personnel handling them.
  • Maximum box weight: 30 lbs.
  • No Quick Star boxes or any others without a solid bottom.
  • Place only one year's worth of one records series (one type of record) in each box. When you receive your labels from RMS, affix them in the lower right hand corner on the short end of the box.
  • A transfer list is completed. The steps are as follows.
    • A Records Transfer Request must be completed online and sent to RMS.
    • A Records Center Coordinator reviews the transfer, communicates with the Department Records Coordinator, assigns box numbers, and issues labels.
    • Once the Department Records Coordinator receives the labels, it is their responsibility to have the boxes delivered to the Records Center. They can deliver the boxes themselves or they can send an Interdepartmental Service Request to the Physical Plant Moving and Hauling Department. If you deliver the boxes yourself, please call us in advance.

The staff of University Records & Information Governance acts only as custodians of the records. The originating department retains primary responsibility of records stored in the Records Center. Exceptions to access control occur only to meet the university legal obligations or for auditing purposes.

Contact us

University Records & Information Governance
600 Energy Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Mail code: 0522

Phone 540-231-0224

Office hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Document drop off hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 12:00noon and 1:00pm - 4:30pm