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This search form returns library web page content on the main library website, plus the websites for Special Collections, Digital Library and Archives, the library staff directory, library subject guides, and some content from other university departments, such as the Graduate Schools electronic theses and dissertations guidelines.


What is Summon?

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Summon is a one-stop search for many kinds of library resources: books, journal articles, conference papers, reports, videos, newspaper articles, theses and dissertations, government documents, and much more. It does not contain all of the resources to which the library subscribes (a comprehensive search on a topic requires searching more than one database). It can show you citations for items to which we do not subscribe, though you can usually request these items through interlibrary loan.

Search the library catalog

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Addison contains records for items owned by the Virginia Tech Libraries: books, videos, microforms, newspapers, and journals. It does not contain individual articles from newspapers and journals

Search for database titles

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The database title search box searches exactly that: names of databases. Use this form when you need a link to a known database, or enter a broad subject term to get a list of databases with that term in their names. When you don't know the name of a database you need, use the Subject guides instead to see a list of recommended databases by topic area.

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The Journal Title Database includes all the journal to which we subscribe, plus many open access journals that anyone can access. You can search by the specific title of a journal or its standard number (ISSN). It does not include individual articles within those journals. To find a known article using its citation, use the Citation Linker form. To find articles on a topic, use Summon or another database from the Subject Guides.

Ebook title search

Use Summon to search for books on a topic | Find specific sources of ebooks

The Ebook Title Database includes all the ebooks to which we subscribe, plus many open access ebooks that anyone can access. You can search by the specific title of a ebook or its standard number (ISBN). It does not search the text within those ebooks.

Search by DOI or PubMed ID

What is a DOI? Example DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.15.2752

What is a PubMed ID? Example PubMed ID: 32881

Course Reserves


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Type as much or as little of the name or number as you wish.

Course Reserves are materials set aside by an instructor with limited checkout periods to ensure access by an entire class. These materials could be a book or video from the library's collections, personal copies of a book or video from the instructor, photocopies of articles or book chapters, or electronic files. You can search by your instructor's name or your course number, and you will see a list of materials on reserve for that course, the checkout period, and the availability of each item.