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Storage Facility information

Storage materials and how they are stored

    shelves at storage facility

Books at Storage are not arranged in call number order, but are shelved according to size.

The books are put into boxes according to their size, then assigned a box and depth number. Each book will have its own barcode number, shelf number, box number, and depth number. These unique numbers indicate the location of the item.

Keeping track of these books and of all the requests is almost a science!

How storage employees process requests

    Raymond remote controlled lift for retrieving books

Storage employees process Addison request forms. The system prints out a wrapper for each requested book that is later matched to the item. Then employees refer to a retrieval list that indicates where the books are located in the warehouse. The retrieval list arranges the items for the most efficient retrieval. The material is retrieved from the shelves using a ladder or the Raymond Order Picker.

When the books have been retrieved from the warehouse, they are matched with the wrappers. After all the books have been matched up with the wrappers, a packlist is printed. This changes the status of the books to in transit from storage to the pickup locations. All the books are then picked up by the Library Courier driver. When books are returned to Storage they are re-shelved using a hand held scanner to ensure accurate re-shelving.