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White boards and brainstorming

Sometime you just need to scribble your thoughts down to get them organized. Newman Library has white boards available throughout the building; when you are working virtually with your group, shared white boards replicate that experience. Brainstorming applications allow you to arrange components of your project or research topic so you can divide up responsibilities or organize a paper.

  • lets you visually outline a concept, create a flow chart for a process, or map a website. You can create a free account or sign in with your GMail account. You can use the resulting mind-maps to help in the database searching process or for writing your research paper.

  •     Anita Walz
  • Anita R Walz
  • Open Education, Copyright & Scholarly Communications Librarian
  • 540-231-2204
  • 207B Newman Library (0434)
    560 Drillfield Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24061

Newman Library Hours

Open 24/7 through May 10th.
Wed. May 11, 2016 - Closes at 8 P.M.

*During 24-hour operation, a valid Hokie Passport is required to access or remain in the library between 12 midnight and 7:30 a.m.