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Guidelines for the Multipurpose Room


We envision a place that brings together the campus and community for creative, cultural, academic, and social experiences.


The library's Multipurpose Room was designed to accommodate a wide range of public events and activities, from film screenings and lectures, to receptions and exhibits. Our intention is to showcase programs that highlight learning, research, culture, and creativity.


The Multipurpose Room (Room 101M) is located on the first floor of Newman Library behind the Study Café and between the Learning Division office and SCALE-UP classroom. The space includes two 90-inch monitors at the front of the room and six 70-inch monitors around the perimeter. Content can be displayed simultaneously throughout the room. It can also be pushed out individually to each screen as well.

The technology package includes: DVD/Blu-Ray player, cable television, Apple TV, gaming systems, Polycom teleconferencing, videoconferencing, campus wireless connectivity, built-in speakers, microphones, and video cameras. A laptop, iPad, cables, and various adaptors are also available.

The furniture is flexible and includes 100 stackable chairs and 20 (2 ft. by 4 ft.) tables. A portable lectern is also available. This arrangement enables a wide range of configurations to accommodate different event and program needs.

Reservations and availability

The Multipurpose Room is available during the operating hours of Newman Library.

Virginia Tech faculty and staff may request the room for public events and programs; however, a library collaborator is highly encouraged. Agreement is subject to room availability and criteria matching the mission of the space. Campus departments, units, or organizations are able to reserve the Multipurpose Room twice per semester. We cannot accommodate requests for meetings, department workshops, campus interviews, private events, or classroom instruction.

Library employees may request the room for various needs including webinars, forums, panels, video conferencing, training seminars, or related departmental functions. Additionally, librarians and staff are encouraged to collaborate with campus and community partners to develop programming and events.

Library employees can review room availability by using an Outlook Calendar; search for Multipurpose Room. Inquiries regarding room reservations or technology capabilities should be directed to Sita Williams. Requests will be reviewed and responded to promptly.

Program support

Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking, the library offers three levels of support for the Multipurpose Room:

  1. Self service. We provide you with access to the room. You are responsible for any additional needs. Requires 2-day notice.
  2. Set-up service. We provide you with access to the room and arrange the furniture according to your needs. We will also provide you with technology training. Requires 5-day notice.
  3. Full service. We provide you with access to the room, arrange the furniture, and assist with technology and related production needs. If this is a partnership with the library, we can also provide marketing and logistical support as well. Please note that we can only accommodate a handful of requests at this level each semester. We advise getting in touch with us as early as possible so we can help you plan accordingly. Requires 28-day notice.

Event capture service

The University Libraries offer high-quality video recording, live streaming, and archiving services for scholarly events at Virginia Tech.The libraries will host these recordings in VTechWorks, the University Libraries' digital repository, and a URI will be provided for linking and embedding. For additional information, please contact the Event Capture Team.

General room usage guidelines

  • Food and beverages are allowed. For coffee or tea service we recommend using EspressOasis located in Newman Library. Contact Aubrey Morris at 919-780-9643
  • Alcohol is only allowed with prior approval from the Virginia Tech Police Department. A VTPD Alcohol Beverage Request Form is required at least 30 days in advance. Please refer to University Policy 1015 or contact the Virginia Tech Police Department (540-231-6411) regarding this matter.
  • Please tidy the room before you leave. Ensure that surfaces are clean and trash is off the floor.
  • Please ensure that the doors are locked after you are finished using the room.
  • Please be considerate and wrap-up your event at the designated time. There may be others scheduled to use the room afterwards.