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CSES 2564: Turfgrass management

This course guide is designed to assist you with finding library resources that will guide you through finding references for your garden turfgrass teaching plots assignment. Key topics that are to be discussed in your assignment include:

  • Geographic area of origin
  • Climate area of adaptation and adaptation to what kind of turf uses
  • Preferred mowing height for best health and functionality; mowing height and frequency for its most popular use in terms of US acreage
  • Annual fertilization requirements (books will be better than journals for this topic)
  • Major pest (disease, insect) issues and best methods of control
  • Major reason(s) for decline (e.g. poor drought tolerance, poor cold tolerance, etc.)
  • You must cite two (2) non-internet references; no forage grass references

To help you in finding books related to the various key topics listed above, we have set aside a set of books at the Sci Tech Reference desk on the 4th floor, until September 20, 2013 (then they'll return to thee stacks). All of these books should be returned to the desk after use.

Recommended texts

Additional references

CAB Abstracts from CABDirect

This resource is restricted to Virginia Tech users only Screencast tutorials available for this resource database provides Get VText links

CAB Abstracts from CABDirect

CAB Abstracts indexes citations and abstracts from journals, books, reports, handbooks, conference proceedings, field notes, and theses in agriculture, life sciences, natural resources, veterinary sciences, applied economics, nutrition, tourism, and the environment. Includes the CAB Abstracts Archive. Some full text available as PDFs. 1910s-present.  

Full record

When using CAB Abstracts, it is very beneficial to use the actual name of the plant/grass rather than the popular name in order to get a more refined list of results. You have been provided the scientific name on your assignment, but if you don't have it, search the common name in CAB Abstracts, choose any result, then look for the Organism Nomenclature in the left column. This label is linked to all citations related to this species.

Search your organism's name (limited to the organism descriptor field) followed by AND with one of these terms:

  • drought
  • "drought resistance"
  • "drought injury"
  • cold
  • "cold hardening"
  • "cold resistance"
  • "cold injury"
  • "cold shock"
  • "cold stress"
  • "cold tolerance"
  • origin
  • "centres of origin" [CAB uses British spellings]
  • sources
  • "climatic zones"
  • "climatic factors"
  • "climatic seasons"
  • mowing
  • "cutting height"
  • pests (or a specific pest organism name)
  • disease (or a specific disease)
  • "pest control"
  • "disease control"

Addison, the Virginia Tech library catalog

This resource is freely accessible This resource provides a mobile interface; see description for link Screencast tutorials available for this resource Contents of this resource available through Summon

Addison, the Virginia Tech library catalog

Addison includes records on most items owns by the VT Libraries, including books and ebooks, journals and ejournals, videos and DVDs, music CDs and cassettes, government documents, theses and dissertations, manuscripts, newspapers, microforms, software, and more. Physical items are linked to location maps. Electronic items will link to the online source. You can restrict searches by locations (library branches) or format.

Full record

Use the Subject search screen and try these terms as initial subject searches:

  • Plants, Cultivated -- Origin
  • Grasses -- Identification


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