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Suggested websites on climate change

Getting started with library research | Overview of meteorology | Recommended databases | Suggested websites on climate change

There are a multitude of pages on the web related to climate change but finding reputable sources of information can be a challenge. Below is a selected list of sites that serve as a starting point for research.

NOAA Climate Service Portal
An interactive "climate dashboard" that lets users see a range of constantly updating climate datasets (e.g., temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, and sea level) over adjustable time scales
A new Web-based climate science magazine called ClimateWatch, featuring videos and articles of scientists discussing their recent climate research and topics that cannot be relayed in charts and graphs
Explanations and exploration of data products available from NOAA and partner agencies, with direct links to the sources of the comprehensive datasets
Educational resources for students and teachers, including lesson plans for the classroom and laboratory, educational games and interactive media
Easy-to-understand fact sheets and presentations for professionals and the public about climate science, research and climate impacts.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Climate Change
An accessible introduction to the issue of climate change. Covers such areas as scientific research, health and environmental effects, and U.S. climate policy.
Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change
Established by the UN Environment Program and the World Meteorological Organization, the IPCC reviews and assesses worldwide information relevant to climate change.
United States Global Change Research Program
An interagency guide to federal research on climate and global change. The publications section also includes scientific assessments and annual reports to Congress.
NASA – Global Climate Change
Provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, this site provides basic information and resources on climate data and indicators of climate change. The missions link details some of the many satellites and types of instrumentation used to remotely study the earth.
NOAA Climate Monitoring
This site from the National Climatic Data Center provides a monthly summary of the state of the climate along with reports on climate extremes, droughts, hurricanes, tropical storms.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
This site focuses on international efforts to address climate change, including the Kyoto protocol and the Copenhagen convention.

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