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Certificate of records disposal instructions

  • Name: Enter your name. You should be your department's Records Coordinator (the person appointed by the department head to be the liaison to Records Management Services).
  • Department name: Enter the name of your department.
  • Email: Enter your email address.
  • Department number: Enter the standard code allocated to your department.
  • Mail code: Enter the mail code to which information will be sent from us.
  • Phone: Enter your phone number in case there are any questions.
  • Records series number: Enter the records series code number listed on the   for the particular records series. For example, "102-012082" is the records series code for "Accounts Receivable." If you're not sure of the records series code, please contact RMS.
  • Record title: Enter the complete title of the records series. Also include any additional information about the record that might be useful for reference purposes.
  • To and from date range: Check to be sure that the records have been retained for the minimum time set by the retention schedule. The dates of the records should be listed by month/year. They can be fiscal year (FY) or calendar year (CY). Unlike records to be stored, the description may include multiple years of the same records series (e.g., FY 2002-2005).
  • Number of boxes: State the number of boxes for destruction.
  • Shred/recycle: Select the button indicating if the corresponding records series should be shredded or recycled.
  • Do you need Records Management Services to shred confidential records? Select "Yes" if confidential records are to be shredded by us.

If you need multiple lines, click the "Add Row" link to add another row to the form for the below fields.

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