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Records disposition

Virginia Tech Policy 2000 requires university offices to complete an approved state form RM-3 Certificate of Records Destruction prior to the destruction of any original university record. In other words, you must seek approval before disposing of original official records in any format.

Request records destruction

Once you have consulted the state records retention schedules and determined that your records are eligible for destruction, complete the records destruction request form. Upon completion, you will receive an automated confirmation email. If you are interested in having the university records center shred records for you, mark YES at the bottom of the web form.

Print, Sign, and Return a hard copy of the Certificate of Records Destruction to Records Management Services (RMS)

Within a few business days of submitting the online form you will receive an electronic version of your certificate attached to an email from the University Records Manager. If you are sending boxes to the university records center for shredding, official labels for the boxes and guidelines for preparing and transporting the records, will be sent to you separately through campus mail.

Your department has the responsibility to return the signed destruction certificate and to deliver any applicable boxes to the records center for shredding within 6 months, or your destruction request and/or destruction certificate will be cancelled.

Destroy the Records

Upon receipt of the approved Certificate of Records Disposal form, non-confidential records can be disposed by trashing or recycling. Confidential records (those containing social security numbers or sensitive information) can only be destroyed by shredding or, in the case of electronic records on media, degaussing or physical destruction. If you have requested destruction services from RMS, please wait for receipt of the Certificate of Records Destruction and box labels before delivering them to the University Records Center.

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