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Wireless networking in the libraries

The university has made some major changes to the campus wireless network that can make connecting to the network from a variety of devices (laptops and mobile devices) much simpler. The new XpressConnect method will walk you through the authentication process, configuring your device, and connecting to the network. Our limited experience with this method has proven very successful on the devices we've been able to test.
  • You need to be registered to use the wireless network. It's free for most students, faculty, and staff, but if you have not registered, no form of connecting to the network will work for you.
  • You'll need a network password. That's a different password from your Gmail password and PID password. That password is also useful if you want to connect using the campus VPN.
  • There is no open public wireless at Virginia Tech. If you are not affiliated with the university, you are welcome to use our public computers, located on each floor.

Once you've connected to the wireless network, you can print to our printers by installing a printer driver.

Registering for network access

Information about registration and rates is available on the CNS page. All users must have a valid university PID.

VT Students
Use the Customer OnLine Access (COLA) website, or register at the CNS Student Telecommunications office at 120 Student Services Building.
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - noon, and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
VT Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff should register through their departments or units, using the Interdepartmental Communications Request (ICR) form available through COLA.
All others
Access to the wireless network requires an active Virginia Tech PID. Alumni, VCOM, and CRC PIDs will not be able to log into the wireless network. However, there are many public computers throughout the libraries that patrons are welcome to use that do not require any kind of login.


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