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Virginia Tech IP policy

Virginia Tech Policy 13000 addresses the rights of authors and the university with regard to intellectual property. For "the traditional results of academic scholarship, i.e., textbooks, literary works, artistic creations and artifacts," the IP rights belong to the author, unless the university commissions the work. The university, however, retains the right "to free (no cost) use in teaching, research, extension, etc., in perpetuity."

In practice, the policy means that Virginia Tech employees are required to make their traditional publications and creations available to the Virginia Tech community. One way to do this is to contribute that publication to the library's repository, VTechWorks . Contracts that infringe Virginia Tech's rights are not permitted.

Separate considerations in policy 13000 apply to sponsored research and "the novel results of research such as products, processes, software, biological technology, etc." Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. (VTIP) and the relevant university offices determine the distribution of rights for these materials.

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