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EndNote is bibliographic manager software that allows researchers to save and organize results of database searches or lists of citations. A web-based product called EndNote Online is also available.

EndNote site license renewed until May 2020

Virginia Tech's site license for EndNote has been renewed until May 2020. This means that current users of EndNote can continue to use the software without interruption, and new users of EndNote can download the software knowing that it will be available until at least 2020.

Downloading EndNote instructions

You have to be connected to the campus network, including the Virginia Tech VPN , to download EndNote from the Software Distribution Office site.

Install EndNote

After downloading the installer, we have some suggestions for installing and updating EndNote.

Using EndNote

The basic unit is an EndNote library. You can create entries manually by typing bibliographic information (e.g., article title, author, journal name, volume, issue, pages, URL, etc.) for each new entry or copying and pasting from an email message or online citation. These entries can be searched and organized, and can be imported into word processing programs like Word as inline references or bibliographies. There, EndNote will assist with the proper formatting of those citations, using styles like APA or MLA, among hundreds of options.

Using databases with EndNote

There are three ways of getting citations into your EndNote library: manually entering the information, using EndNote to search databases and adding those search results to the library, and searching databases directly where you can export those search results to EndNote.

OpenURL settings

EndNote uses four methods to lookup full-text documents for the citations in your library; three of these are automatic, but you'll need to configure the fourth.

EndNote screencasts

Short and long screencasts and recorded webinars on using different aspects of the EndNote software.