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The libraries have a number of collections beyond the books and journals in the stacks. Several are kept at the Newman Circulation Desk or have shorter checkout periods. See our borrowing privileges page for details.

  • 16mm films

    The 16mm film collection consists of over 1000 titles ranging from such subjects as agriculture to mathematics and psychology to animal science. Items from this collection should be requested at least 12 hours in advance to ensure availability.

  • Card and board games

    Newman Library has a small collection of donated card and board games. Located on the new books shelf near the DVDs, games can be checked out for 5 days, just like DVDs. We make no effort to check the contents of returned games, so please be sure to put everything back in the box.

  • Cassettes

    We have a collection of about 150 audiocassette titles which encompasses music, interviews, poetry readings, and more. Please note that we do not have a popular "books on tape" collection; these may be found at the local public library. Cassettes are searchable in Summon or Addison by call number, title, and artist/composer.
  • Compact discs

    The library houses a growing collection of over 5600 compact discs. Compact discs are searchable in Summon and Addison by call number, title, and artist/composer, or view a complete, alphabetical list.

  • DVDs

    We have a growing collection of over 6800+ DVD titles. DVDs are searchable in Summon or Addison by title, actor/director, subject, and call number. You can also view a complete list of DVDs.

  • DVDs with streaming rights

    The library is able to purchase streaming rights for some DVDs (mostly educational titles). Instructors who want to use a movie for distance learning courses can link to these streaming videos for their students. Links are present on each DVD's record in Addison. Inquire with your college librarian when requesting a film be purchased to see if streaming rights are available.

  • Foreign-language literature

    The library has a large collection of literature in languages other than English. The P call number range contains histories of languages, dictionaries, and literature (both in the original language and translations in English).
  • Humanities slides

    The Humanities slide collection covers topics from Roman art and architecture to modern art. The slide collections can be searched by title in Summon or Addison. Slides are kept in the Art + Architecture branch.

  • Laser discs

    We have almost 100 optical disc titles (also known as laser discs). Optical discs allow for addressing individual frames, alternate audio tracks, and higher resolution that other analog formats, so many of these discs offer special features. Optical discs are searchable in Addison by title, actor/director, subject, and call number. Use the Request button in Addison to have these videos retrieved from remote storage.
  • Microforms

    Microforms are non-circulating photographic reductions of print materials produced in the interest of saving space,obtaining or preserving rare or heavily used materials, or providing duplicate copies. Newman Library has a microforms collection numbering near 6 million items, including prints of books, magazines, newspapers, and engineering and technical reports.

  • Movies with public performance rights

    We have purchased over 400 movies: documentaries, educational titles, and some feature films, that come with public performance rights. These performance rights allow viewing by groups outside of a home viewing experience. Here's a complete list of these movies, sorted by title.
  • Patents and trademarks

    This list of resources will enable you to retrieve most U.S. patents or trademarks, if you have a specific citation. However, if you have a product idea and want to determine if a similar item has been patented, searching these resources to determine patentability may be difficult.

  • Phonorecords

    The phonorecord collection (also known as vinyl records) is located in the off-campus storage facility. Items from this collection may be requested by using Request button on Addison. Phonorecords can be searched in Addison by call number, title, and artist/composer.

  • Popular Reading Collection

    The University Libraries has reestablished the Popular Reading Collection. Made up of best sellers and recently published fiction and non-fiction, this collection is located on the exterior wall beside the second floor Learning Commons. All the nonfiction books are on the left-most shelving area in call number order. The fiction books are on the right two shelving areas in call number order. See a complete list of this collection online.
  • Ray Gaskins DVD collection

    Initiated in 2006 by Mr. Ray Gaskins for the purchase of DVDs and videos of classic and popular films.

    Dr. Ray Gaskins ('64) received his B.S in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Statistics from Virginia Tech before joining the faculty of Hampden Sydney College, where he now holds Emeritus status. His decision to financially support the film collection comes from his deep interest in cinema and his desire to see Virginia Tech's collection become one of the largest in the mid-Atlantic region.

    A complete list of DVDs in the Ray Gaskins DVD collection is available in Addison.

  • Reference

    The reference collection, labeled as Reference Room in Addison and Summon, contains sources for quick answers and guides into other sources in the stacks and online. Material in the collection includes

    • Dictionaries and encyclopedias, both general and subject-specific
    • Indexes to publish literature, particularly indexes that are not duplicated by our databases
    • Statistical compilations
    • Directories
    • Handbooks
  • Videos

    The video collection consists of over 5800 items, encompassing both educational and more popular titles. Most of these are in the NTSC (VHS) format, but we have some titles in PAL (a format used in Europe and Asia) as well. Videos are searchable in Addison by title, actor/director, subject, and call number. The video collection is kept in remote storage; use the Request button in Addison to have material retrieved.